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Watch: Buddhist monks shave their heads again in South Korea


At Jogyesa Temple in South Korea, the ritual of shaving the heads of nine children has been revived to prepare them to become Buddhist monks.

The annual weather will be repeated for the first time since 2019, as it has stopped for four years since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nine children participated in the ritual, who will spend 21 days in the temple, during which they will learn Buddhist teachings until the birthday of Lord Buddha on the twenty-seventh of May.

The ritual includes parents bowing before their children after their heads have been shaved, signaling the start of a new phase for the young monks.

Kim Hye-ri, the mother of one of the children, said, “I thought the most touching moment would be when my child’s head was shaved, but personally, the most touching moment was when I bowed three times in front of my child.”

She added, “My son has lived so far as a child, but becoming a monk means becoming an adult in a temple. I think it will be an opportunity for him to take on this kind of responsibility.”

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