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Watch as the new Duke of Edinburgh introduces Sophie as a ‘duchess’ for the first time

Watch as the new Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward, is overcome with emotion as he introduces his wife Sophie as “Duchess” for the first time.

The proud Prince Edward seemed excited (and a little overwhelmed) to introduce his wife Sophie as a duchess for the first time during their visit to Edinburgh.

Edward, who was bestowed the title of Duke of Edinburgh on his 59th birthday yesterday, was speaking to an enthusiastic audience when he seemed to lose his voice with emotion when referring to his wife, now Duchess of Edinburgh.

As the new duke celebrated his birthday, his older brother, King Charles, bestowed on him the new title in accordance with the wishes of their late father, Prince Philip.

And the youngest of the late Queen Elizabeth’s sons seemed truly honored to accept the new title on his birthday, as the couple waved to the crowds on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and visited the City Chambers to mark one year since the The city’s formal response to the invasion of Ukraine.

He told the crowd that the day had been “very special and a bit overwhelming” for him and his wife, “the Duchess.”

Addressing the audience, he said: “Thank you so much for welcoming us to Edinburgh today on a very special and slightly overwhelming day for, now, my wife, the Duchess.”

As she addressed Sophie, 58, with her new title, her voice rose slightly with excitement.

In response, the crowd laughed at her innocent and childish glee and clapped while smiling.

During their visit, the royal couple met 10-year-old Marianna Melnyk from Ukraine, who was wearing traditional dress and presented Sophie with a bouquet of yellow and blue flowers, the colors of her nation’s flag.

Prince Edward, who celebrated his 59th birthday yesterday, made his first visit to Edinburgh as the new Duke of Edinburgh, inheriting the title from his late father, Prince Philip. Addressing a crowd at the City Chambers to mark the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, the duke said the day was “very special and a bit overwhelming.”

The Duke of Edinburgh introduced his wife, Sophie, 57, as a duchess for the first time, as she inherited the title of Duchess of Edinburgh.

The Duke of Edinburgh introduced his wife, Sophie, 57, as a duchess for the first time, as she inherited the title of Duchess of Edinburgh.

The new Duchess of Edinburgh, who has been promoted from the Countess of Wessex, looked elegant in a cream coat and matching scarf for the outing, with a sleek blue dress barely visible below the hem.

Sophie’s previous rank as Countess of Wessex meant that she held the same rank as her husband Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex.

This rise in royal status for 58-year-old Sophie is a touching tribute to the late Queen’s daughter-in-law, who affectionately called her ‘Mum’.

Married to Prince Edward for 24 years, she is well known for her down-to-earth nature and was considered by the late Queen to be the safest pair of hands in The Firm.

However, their new titles of duke and duchess have a higher rank, raising them in status to just below the monarch.

Duchesses are also known as Her Royal Highness.

Meanwhile, the title of Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the oldest in the Royal Family.

The move is a touching and enduring connection between the late Queen and her much-loved daughter-in-law, Sophie.

She was known as the “favorite” family member of the late monarch and his closest confidante.

Experts previously noted that the Countess being in the spotlight is what Prince Philip “would have wanted” and helped “keep her memory alive.”