Watch 14 minutes of stunning Horizon Forbidden West gameplay


Sony showed 14 minutes Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on a PS5 in a new Presentation on the state of affairs on Thursday. In the footage, protagonist Aloy fought some gigantic animal-like machines and some human enemies on a beautiful post-apocalyptic beach settlement.

The presentation revealed that Aloy has a number of new tools to move into Forbidden West, as a diving mask to make her dive underwater and a Breath of the wilderness-like hang glider. And just like in the first game, it looks like you will still be hurling a lot of arrows at your enemies, both human and machine.

Aloy and Erend in Horizon Forbidden West.
Image: Sony

Horizon Forbidden West, a sequel to the hugely successful Horizon Zero Dawn, is expected to be one of Sony’s biggest titles this year, especially given that there aren’t many major PS5 games to look forward to in the near future. The game is also coming to PS4.

However, we still don’t know when it will come out. In 2020 developer Guerrilla Games said it is “aiming” for release Forbidden West in 2021, but in a new blog postGuerrillas Ben McCaw said that “we don’t have an exact release date yet, but development is on track and we will have an update for you shortly.”