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Washington publishes a video of the incident.. Beijing denounces the American “provocation” after a flight incident over the China Sea


A video released by the US Air Force shows a Chinese fighter performing what the US command described as an “unnecessarily aggressive maneuver”.

The Chinese government on Wednesday denounced the US “provocation” after an incident between a Chinese fighter and a US military reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea.

“These provocative and dangerous maneuvers are a source of problems for maritime security,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning, stressing that “the United States must immediately stop these dangerous provocations.”

A Chinese J-16 fighter flew close to a US reconnaissance plane in international airspace over the South China Sea, forcing the US plane to go through a “turbulent wave”, according to video released by the US military.

The US command described the Chinese objection as an “unnecessarily aggressive maneuver.”

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