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Washington: China makes empty promises that it does not fulfill


In the midst of the ongoing tension between China and the United States, and after Honduras announced the severance of relations with Taiwan, Washington renewed its criticism of Chinese foreign policy, considering it to make false promises.

Today, Sunday, the US State Department described Honduras’ decision to sever relations with Taiwan as a sovereign decision, but warned, “It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the promises that China often makes in exchange for diplomatic recognition are not fulfilled in the end.”

Support for Taiwan

“We strongly encourage all countries to expand engagement with Taiwan and continue to stand by democracy, good governance, transparency and adherence to the rule of law,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

These statements came after Honduras announced yesterday evening the severance of diplomatic relations with Taiwan, 11 days after it indicated that it would establish diplomatic relations with Beijing, in a decision that required an immediate reaction from Taipei.

America China Taiwan (iStock)

The Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “The Honduran government recognizes the existence of one China in the world, and that “Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory,” noting that it pledged, as of yesterday, “not to establish any relationship or contacts of an official nature with Taiwan.”

On the other hand, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Sunday that Honduran President Xiomara Castro had “illusions” about China’s promises to her to provide economic aid.

It is noteworthy that Central America is a region of strategic importance to Beijing and Taipei, since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949. In recent years, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica have changed their positions and are now establishing diplomatic relations with Beijing. After Honduras’ move, only 13 countries officially recognized Taiwan.

China strongly opposes any official exchanges between Taiwan and its international partners, especially since it considers the self-administered island one of its provinces that it will one day regain, by force if necessary.

While Washington supports Taipei, which infuriates Beijing, and escalates the already existing tension between the two largest economic powers in the world.

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