Warren Entsch urges liberal colleagues to name and embarrass # 039; thugs & # 039;

Federal National Liberal MP Warren Entsch

Enthusiastic Queensland defender Warren Entsch is urging two of his government colleagues to detail the allegations of intimidation during last month's leadership turmoil.

Liberal Sen. Lucy Gichuhi has already indicated she can use parliamentary privilege to name names in the Senate this week.

Entsch urged another Liberal MP, Julia Banks, to do the same.

Liberal Member of Chisholm Julia Banks


Ms. Banks recently announced that she will not participate in the upcoming elections, saying that "harassment and intimidation" continued against women in politics.

"I'm glad to see that Lucy is ready to stand up and name them, and I hope Julia does the same," Entsch said.

"The small number that is out there … they need to be touched and they must be accountable for their actions."

The comments come after a series of comments by high-profile liberal women about the culture inside the nightclub, just as Scott Morrison prepares to face his first parliamentary week as prime minister.

Entsch said he understood that Julia Banks had been complaining about the behavior of some colleagues for months before the spill, but noted that there were similar cases on the Labor side of politics.

Senator Lucy Gichuhi

Senator Lucy Gichuhi.

SBS News

Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald said the leadership spill was a "stupidity" driven by egos.

Defense Minister Christopher Pyne said the defeat of the Liberals at the Wagga Wagga state headquarters was in part an indictment against his federal colleagues.

"The Wagga Wagga by-elections were a very clear message to politicians: stop playing in Canberra and focus on us," Pyne said.