Warner’s manager claims Australia were ‘told’ to tamper with ball after Hobart loss in 2016-17

David Warner’s manager James Erskine has claimed Australia were given the green light to tamper with the ball after their defeat to South Africa in Hobart in 2016/17 when Australia were bowled out for 85, losing by an innings and 80 runs in little time. more than two days.

“Two senior executives were in the dressing room in Hobart essentially berating the team for losing to South Africa,” Erskine told SEN radio. “And Warner said we have to swing the ball in reverse, and the only way we can swing the ball in reverse is to mess with it. So they were told to do it.”

Erskine did not specify who exactly “told” them to tamper with the ball, nor did he name the executives present after the loss.

After Warner released his statement saying he was withdrawing his appeal to have his leadership ban overturned, Erskine also reiterated previous views on the 2018 Newlands ball tampering controversy, saying that more than three people on the should be aware of the plans and that the “truth” will come out”.

Discussing the punishments handed out after Newlands, Erskine said that Warner had been treated much harsher than others, and that Cricket Australia should have lifted the leadership ban internally rather than through a review panel that decided they wanted to re-examine the whole incident. .

“You’d have to be a blind black Labrador Retriever not to realize that there were way more than three people involved in this thing. They all got canned and David Warner was completely villainous,” he said. “He kept his mouth shut, he protected Cricket Australia, he protected his fellow players on my advice, because at the end of the day no one wanted to hear about it, and he continues to play cricket.

“Why Cricket Australia couldn’t have done something very sensible and said ‘Listen, it’s not legal for someone to have no right of appeal’. It’s just absurd, why should he have to go through that? He’s done everything he possibly could can do for Cricket Australia and for his team, and now he is being treated like this… this is injustice at the highest level.

On the field after again giving up on his attempts to be captain in a cricket under CA, Warner scored 21 on the opening morning of the second Test against the West Indies in Adelaide. He started positively, drove the first ball of the game for three, and collected four bounds before turning a drive against a wide pitch from Alzarri Joseph.

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