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Warner Bros. wants director Christopher Nolan back after the Tenet crisis


It was revealed that Warner Bros. wants to reconcile the famous director “Christopher Nolan” after their crisis in 2021, in a recent interview with the website. Variety Warner Bros. CEO Michael De Luca said: Film says:

Hope to get Nolan back again. I think there is hope.

Variety also reports that Warner Bros. sent Nolan a seven-figure check sometime in the past months tied to his work on the 2020 film Tenet. Obviously, no strings attached, but Warner Bros. is motivated to repair its relationship with the director. .

Warner Bros.’s crisis with director “Nolan” began during the years 2020 and 2021, after “Nolan” responded to Warner Bros. because of the decision to transfer the entire 2021 film list to the HBO Max service, which the director did not like and stated, saying:

Some of our industry’s biggest filmmakers and top movie stars went to bed tonight thinking they work for the biggest movie studio and woke up working for the worst streaming service.

After that, “Nolan” chose Universal to help distribute Nolan’s new movie, “Oppenheimer”, which is supposed to be shown in cinemas next July.

Universal is said to have been the only company able to meet Nolan’s exacting demands, including a $100 million budget, complete creative control, and a blackout period in which the company does not release another film for three weeks before or three weeks after the film’s release.

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