Warner Bros. cancels Ava DuVernay’s ‘New Gods’ and an Aquaman spin-off from James Wan


Ava DuVernay’s New gods and James Wan The trench be according to The Hollywood Reporter Deadline, and Variety The two films, intended to explore two of the more unusual parts of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), seemed to have been interesting distractions from the tone and style used in films like Justice League and Batman vs SupermanBut in the turbulent world of DC movie adaptation, nothing is certain.

James Wan made a pivot to superhero movies with Aquarius in 2018, an action-packed, slightly more wacky energy to a cinematic universe that urgently needed something fun. As a spin-off The trench Wan was back to the horror roots he settled with Saw and The Conjuring. The film was supposed to focus on the spooky deep-sea fishing realm that Aquaman is joining forces with in Wan’s original DC movie.

New gods could have been even more important for building out the DCEU, exploring New Genesis, the home planet of the New Gods and rivals to Darkseid, which is essentially the Thanos of DC comics. DuVernay is said to be the first woman of color to direct a DC superhero movie New gods advanced. Love and basketball director Gina Prince-Bythewood made similar history when she was added to direct a spin-off of Spider-Man. Now both projects have been canceled.

Despite Warner Bros. Deciding to move on, DuVernay celebrated the work she and writing partner Tom King have done on the project:

As is often the case in Hollywood, the fact that both projects are no longer in development doesn’t mean DuVernay or Wan can’t return or continue to play with WarnerMedia’s superhero-shaped toys. In a press statement, Warner Bros. that it looks forward to a continuous cooperation and that “[New Gods and The Trench] will remain in their capable hands should they move on in the future. “