War of the Worlds Season 3 Ending: Black Holes, Catherine, Bill & the Alternate Timelines

Who died and who survived?

Among the Season 3 kill list are: Adina (shot by Zoe), Hiram (killed by Adina), Richard and Julia (died drifting into space after the black hole disappeared), plus Catherine in the new timeline (life support disabled in a coma caused by interreality) and Bill in the timeline of the OG alien attack (shot by killer robo-dog). Bill isn’t necessarily dead in the new timeline. In That In reality, we last saw him in his own coma between realities in the hospital when his son came to repair bridges. So there’s a chance that after he died in the OG timeline, he could still wake up in this one. But he will probably die, because after all, this is… War of the Worlds


Still alive by the end of season three are: Martha and Tom, who are expecting a human-future human hybrid baby; Zoe and Kariem, who got a residence permit in the UK by helping to save the world and who goes on a date with Zoe; Ash, who makes amends with his girlfriend Hayley; Catherine’s scientist/lover Johannes; Sam, the young man Catherine promised to come back and did; Bill’s son Dan, and Catherine, Sophia, Nathan and Celine in the timeline of the OG alien attack, which has now been resolved so that baby Celine doesn’t have to live her entire life without vitamin D, but surrounded by installation art in the Hayward Gallery.

An interesting tidbit: In the new reality, Johannes kissed Catherine on the lips after her life support went off, while in the OG reality, Catherine touched her mouth and seemed to feel his touch. Even after the black hole closed, there may still be a lingering connection between the two realities.

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What caused the black hole(s)?

bill. Or more specifically, Bill travels back in time to a pre-invasion reality using an alien ship that works by creating black holes and using their energy to bend the fabric of space and time. When Bill traveled back in time in the season two finale, the black hole appeared in the sky in the OG timeline and at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere in the new timeline.

Because the black hole was closer to Earth in the OG timeline, the brain-bending gravitational waves hit humans more severely. Nathan and co. couldn’t afford to spend 45 minutes outside before falling into a coma, as Tom and Sam’s parents had done. In the new timeline, the black hole didn’t fry people’s brains, but it did give some visions of their experience of the alien invasion into the other reality.

What was the aliens’ plan?

When Adina and her lackeys hitchhiked to alternate reality with Bill Ward at the end of season two, they found themselves stuck there with no way of getting back to their ships. Not only that, but they still died of organ failure caused by inherited genetic weaknesses and the virus Bill injected into their ancestor Emily in season two. So Adina, fueled by her hatred of Bill Ward—whom she blamed for her people’s illness—decided not to go quietly, but take humanity down with them.


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