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Want to play on an international level and win games? Check out these mGamer hacks

If you like being called a gamer and love playing a variety of games, then you are at the right place. mGamer is an app built for you and is the rightful place that helps to earn game credits and royal passes. The platform is free to use and connects you with international peers for healthy competition.

The popularity of this app is increasing day by day. People have discovered the endless rewards this app offers. You can collect coins by playing games, watching videos that direct you to do the needful, taking surveys for constant evaluation of the app and to increase its reach), and completing other small but fun tasks.

How to play international games on mGamer?

mGamer is a great platform to play international games. The best part about the platform is that anyone, from any corner of the globe, can sign up and play here. mGamer has witnessed a whopping rise in the number of players and continues to do so. Even if you are not great at spending coins on games, you can transfer the money to your Paytm account and spend it in the real world.

You can download mGamer on both android or iOS devices. mGamer simply works as a middleman between you and international companies if you are willing to win rewards. On completing surveys, mGamer gets a share of the company’s profit, which is passed on to the winners. Now, you are ready to embark on a new journey with your favorite games

International Games played on mGamer – 

mGamer is a great platform for all those who want to play international games. Following are the games you can play internationally on mGamer:-

  • PUBG – Pubg is a very famous game across the world. It is a battle royale mobile game. The game begins with 100 players, running, jumping, and having fun at a place. Then a plane takes you to an unknown place where you will have to survive until the end depending on your skills like strategy making, shooting, etc. You can play with any of your PUBG lover friends without thinking about any area restrictions on mGamer.
  •  PUBG LITE – As the name depicts, PUBG Lite is a lighter version of PUBG. It is immensely popular among youngsters. The Game consists of a match of 60 players where you can play solo, duo, or in the squad. Recently some arcade matches have also been included. The map of this game is smaller than the actual PUBG map.

Benefits of playing on mGamer-

  • Win cash rewards- You can also earn money by playing games on mGamer.
  • Binge effortlessly and win- Without too much effort, you can simply watch videos, watch ads, fill online surveys or win tournaments to win rewards.
  • Build a secure network – It is legal, safe, and reliable for earning money and coins for other games.
  • No fear of being evicted- As long as the player follows the decorum of the platform, none of his/her game accounts will get banned.
  • One world, one currency– Currencies that are won in the game are internationally supported. There is absolute assurity of you will never lose the amount you win on this platform.

Hacks to play and win Internationally through mGamer

  • Invite your friends internationally and earn more- By sharing referrals with your mates, you can earn two hundred coins and some additional numbers also. But, there is a cap of twenty-five coins per referral. There are no mind games involved in this part. 
  • Videos for giving direction are available publicly- If you are a binge-watcher, this information is for you. You can binge-watch and collect coins at the same time. But, sometimes videos may not be available while doing trials of games on mGamer otherwise, it is not an issue.
  • Take surveys with international companies- Each company asks some profiling questions prior to showing your available surveys. When you select a survey, they will ask a few questions to check if you can qualify. The competition is tough on a global level as surveys are not available depending on your country. The survey may be targeted at a specific group of people, which makes it hard to qualify.
  • Save your time- During international surveys, if an advertiser needs a survey from people who work in Government, only those who meet requirements will be able to take part in the discussion. These companies might take a lot of information in a few minutes and you may be screened out from taking future surveys. Therefore, don’t waste your time in surveys.
  • Don’t fall into traps- When some companies come for surveys, they may end up asking irrelevant and personal questions to you. Protect your privacy and never grant them access to invade your personal space. Besides, you may even end up getting only a few dollars. The risk you take is not worth it.
  • Lucky prizes- For lucky draws, you may enter three prize draws worth 100, 500 and 1000 coins. Watch videos with free tickets. If you get lucky enough, you will be selected. But if odds are against you, you might end up not securing any place in the list of winners.

How to withdraw and Redeem mGamer Coins?

You can simply withdraw coins by following these steps:-

  • Open mGamer App.
  • Now you will find a rewards button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on Rewards
  • Now you have lots of ways of coin withdrawal, you can choose your preferred way.

You can easily redeem mGamer coins following these steps:-

  • Open the mGamer app on your device.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the “Redeem game currency page”.
  • Here you can choose Paytm cash, PUBG UC, FREE FIRE Diamonds, PUBG LITE BC, etc among all the games mentioned.
  • When you have 200 coins in your wallet, then you will be eligible to redeem mGamer Coins to your Paytm account.


The platforms like mGamer are simply built to help you test your gaming skills and to help you interact with international groups who have similar interests as yours. With so many scams and deceitful apps being circulated in international as well as an indigenous market every now and then, it becomes very crucial for the customers to rely on any platform. Try out the application and its features and decide. Download the mGamer app now. Also, if you have an interest in playing games like rummy or poker, then you can try playing on Getmega, where you stand a chance to win up to Rs. 1 million every month.


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