Want To Learn Crossbow Hunting? Here’s A Good Guide To Get You Started

Crossbow hunting is not easy and requires getting the right tools to enhance your hunting experience. Crossbow hunting is highly respected in North America, and people are using sophisticated bows to make a killing shot at different distances.

Bow selection

As a crossbow hunter, you need a reliable bow. Choose one that fits you perfectly. How do I know it’s the right fit?

Always test your bow before buying. Visit your local archery shop and elaborate to them that you are a beginner. Professionals at archery stores like helping beginners. Tell them you want to be measured for a perfect Barnett crossbow that will deliver a good hunting experience. The pros will measure your draw length then pull a few crossbows to get your draw weight. Pick a bow that you can comfortably pull back without experiencing a hernia.

For example, a 60-pound bow needs 60 pounds of draw force or 50 pounds.   Crossbow hunters need at least 40 pounds to draw weight.

Drawing technique

If you can fire a gun, then you can shoot a crossbow. However, cock before loading your arrow. Pull the string back while keeping your arms straight, stand up, and exert pressure on each side of the barrel. Pull the string to lock into place.

Alternatively, you can use a cocking rope to ensure consistent cocking to reduce the effort required to pull back the bowstring by half.

Keep your arms straight, stand up and exert pressure.

Attach the rope to the hooks on both sides of the bowstring, grab the strap handles and stand up until the bowstrings lock in place.

Essentially it doubles the stance needed to pull. Alternatively, use crank-operated cocking aids, and however, they are loud, clumsy, slow, and expensive.

Stance, aim and shoot

Always stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and stand at 90-degrees to your target. Ensure the shoulder of your arm gripping the bow points to the target at 90-degrees.

Use both eyes to aim. Focus them on the sight pin as you visualize the target at a distance. The target may appear slightly blurry, so try to pick an exact point of aim and not the whole target.

Aim at the bullseye, but on the animal, focus on the tiny target like the hair, or ruffle fur as opposed to a general aiming point. Pick a spot, then squeeze and follow through.

Release your aim like releasing a rifle trigger. Take a deep breath, then let a quarter of your air out as you slowly squeeze the trigger.

Don’t flinch or anticipate the shot. Squeeze the trigger while your eyes are still focused on the target until you release the string.

A proper follow-through in archery means doing nothing after the shot. Keep your bow aimed like before without dropping it until your arrow strikes its target.

To shoot an arrow, you must place the arrow in the barrel. Crossbows use either flat nocks or moon nocks, depending on your crossbow manufacturer.   Confirm that the arrow is properly knocked.

Shooting requires all principles of accuracy, like shooting a gun. Before you pull the trigger, ensure there are no obstacles ahead like a tree trunk or your thumb is not wrapped in the crossbow forearm, or you lose that thumb.

After shooting your crossbow, remove the arrow from your barrel.

Crossbow hunting accessories

  1. Gloves

Some shooters prefer tabs. A glove protects your hands better when loading your arrow or grasping the string. Hunters preferring tab say it gives them a cleaner release. You can try both and later settle for a convenient option.

  1. Quiver

Quiver secures your arrows and protects the broadheads. Also, it dampens the vibration or string noise. You can customize yours to suit your preference.

  1. Broadheads

It has a modern mechanical head and is resharpenable. The broadhead penetrates better than its modern counterparts.

  1. Armguard

It’s for those who love hunting in cold weather. Its function is to keep your clothing or jacket from getting in the path of the bowstring, which can make you miss the target.

How to kill your prey

Practice your hunting skills


Do a dress rehearsal with everything you intend to use, including a hunting jacket, facemask, hat, gloves, etc. Even tiny things affect your accuracy. Practicing helps you to perfect your aim and shooting skills, and besides, it increases your accuracy.

Practice with your broadheads and see how they impact the target. Adjust your sight accordingly even as you shoot from different positions, such as kneeling or in awkward angles.

Know the animal anatomy

Understand the location of the heart and lungs to ensure you aim well. Think in three dimensions to envision where the arrow will hit the target’s lungs or heart. Never take shots at extreme angles, but wait for the animal to be in a broadside position to increase your chances of getting a clean shot and instantly killing it.

Bottom line

You need a quality crossbow that makes hunting effortless and fun. Practice a lot to improve your crossbow hunting skills. Always choose the right crossbow that fits you perfectly.

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