Walmart just made this big change to its app

Whether you shop from a real store or on the go, wherever life takes you, supermarket apps are super handy tools — and Walmart’s is no exception. It already offers grocers access to millions of items, money-saving coupons, and multiple delivery and touch-free payment options. Now there’s one big change about to make checking out even easier.

Since the begging of the pandemic, more customers are ordering groceries and other household items online from Walmart. Despite a summer of Rollbacks and price reductions in stores, the retailer is reportedly looking to maintain its digital sales momentum.

A way to do that? Walmart is rolling out a new version of its app with universal search and checkout, according to Grocery dive. This means that customers can finally buy groceries and electronics all-in An transaction ahead.

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Shoppers previously had two Walmart apps on their phones: an orange one for groceries and a blue one for other types of purchases. Before the retailer merged the two apps into one, customers had to choose between in-store pickup and delivery or shipping through This process revealed Walmart’s internal organization to customers, but the chain declined to fully display its org chart.

walmart app

“Internally, we always tell ourselves that we never want our client to see our org chart. And what the blue app and the orange app is, it showed you the org chart pretty clearly… so we want to take that visibility away from the client and there for everything they need from us,” said John Furner, the president and CEO of the American chain.

At this time, the app has not yet been fully rolled out. However, it should be available to all customers by the time October rolls around, per Grocery dive.

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