Wadeye, NT: Violence erupts in warring outback town notorious for crossbow attacks

Violence erupts once more in a warring town in the outback, known for crossbow attack. Cops who are called out to a stabbing are forced by the authorities to call in reinforcements

Police officers from the Northern Territory were attacked by a mob from a troubled remote Indigenous community. One officer sustained a head injury.

Police were called to Wadeye in 400 km southwest of Darwin on Thursday evening following an alleged assault by an edged-wielding man.

A group of people allegedly hurled rocks at officers at the site. One officer was struck in the forehead and received a 2cm injury.

Violence has increased in the Wadey region (pictured: Gangs of locals with axes and machetes roam the streets of Wadeye).

The Majority Of The Violence In The Region Has Emerged Out Of Wadeye (Pictured, One Man Seen With An Arrow Through His Forearm Believed To Be In The Rural Town Of Wadeye)

Wadeye is where most of the violence in the area has come from (pictured, one man holding an arrow through his arm believed to be in Wadeye).

The officers were forced out of the area, but they returned to the scene with more police who dispersed the mob.

The site found the man who had been allegedly assaulted.

He He sustained a leg injury and was transported to the local hospital with the injured officer.

Wadeye was also at the heart of violent clashes between rival Indigenous clans in early this year. 

Frightening photos from the township showed the extent of the conflict between the tribal rivals.

Some have compared the community to the Wild West. There have been pitched battles after-dark between rival gang members who drive around the streets setting fire to houses and cars.

About 40 Houses In Wadeye Were Torched And Abandoned Earlier This Year, With Some Armed Thugs Stopping During The Violence To Pose For Pictures

Wadeye saw 40 houses burnt and abandoned in the spring, and some armed thugs stopped by to pose for photos during the violence.

At Least Four Men Had Arrows Shot Through Their Legs And Arms In What'S Understood To Have Been A Violent Clash In Wadeye Back In June

In what is believed to have been a violent clash between Wadeye and Wadeye in June, at least four men were shot with arrows through their legs.

Local gangs armed with axes and hammers, iron bars, machetes, and iron hammers have been roaming the streets looking for victims. Authorities seem powerless to stop them.

Around 40 houses were set on fire and left abandoned earlier in the year. Armed thugs took pictures of the burned properties.

Video footage shows shocking scenes of locals looting and stealing computers, then destroying them.

During a violent clash in the village, at least four people were pierced in their arms and legs by arrows fired from crossbows.

Wadeye Is A Remote Outback Township 420 Km Southwest Of Darwin In The Northern Territory

Wadeye, a remote outback settlement located 420km southwest of Darwin in Northern Territory is known as “Waye”.

The Township Was Developed To Bring Aboriginal People In Remote Communities Together So They Could Get Access To Modern Facilities

The township was designed to bring together Aboriginal people living in remote communities to allow them to have access to modern amenities.

Two men were caught firing crossbows at each others and were captured.

On social media, there were many disturbing images showing the arrows inflicting the forearms, shoulder and shins of different victims.  

Commander Kylie Anderson stated that Wadeye residents have been kept safe by the police after the latest incident.

“The fact that one resident chose to deliberately hurt an officer is completely reprobable and police are currently trying to identify all those involved,” she stated.

Wadeye is home to approximately 3000 people, including 22 clans and seven languages. It is one of the largest Aboriginal communities within the NT.

It is also located in one of Australia’s most disadvantaged areas, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It frequently experiences violent unrest, which requires significant police intervention.

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