WA woman posts ad for someone to buy and deliver booze as new Covid rules are introduced

Desperate Western Australian calls for help buying booze as Mark McGowan introduces tough new rules banning unvaccinated from bottle shops

  • Woman asked Facebook for ‘drink delivery’ once new unvaxed rule goes into effect
  • From January 31, unarmed WA residents will be banned from pubs and vials
  • Woman asked local group to ‘buy and deliver booze twice a week’
  • Comments pointed to a potentially profitable beverage delivery business idea







A woman has made a desperate plea for someone to deliver alcohol to her home as new rules for unvaccinated Western Australians come into effect.

New rules for unvaccinated WA residents will be enforced from January 31, banning unvaccinated residents from a range of locations, including pubs and bottle shops.

Unvaccinated Western Australians will not even be allowed to use drive-throughs in bottle shops when strict new rules on proof of vaccination come into force.

The announcement prompted a woman from Secret Harbour, 39 miles south of Perth, to request a delivery service.

A woman has asked her Facebook group for help with alcohol deliveries as soon as a new rule in WA goes into effect on Jan. 31 banning non-vaxxed residents from bars, pubs and bottle o's

A woman has asked her Facebook group for help with alcohol deliveries as soon as a new rule in WA goes into effect on Jan. 31 banning non-vaxxed residents from bars, pubs and bottle o’s

‘Looking for a fully pried one to buy and deliver drinks to me twice a week from January 31. Cheers,” she wrote on a Facebook page.

People were quick to jump on the idea, saying that the drink delivery service could turn into a profitable business.

“What a great idea for a side hu$$le,” one commenter wrote.

“This is damn brilliant, someone can make a lot of money here,” said another.

One person offered to deliver drinks of their choice at a “20 percent tax,” an offer the woman politely declined.

“No thanks,” she wrote.

However, a large group of commentators told the woman to “just vaxx”, stressing that alcohol cannot be healthier than the jab.

The woman said she was “looking for a full-fledged to buy and deliver booze twice a week,” as commentators pointed to a potentially profitable beverage supply company.

Prime Minister Mark McGowan announced on Thursday that adults without a shot will be banned from eating in cafes, pubs and restaurants across the state from January 31.

He added that WA would soon redefine the term “fully vaccinated” to include the Covid booster shot, meaning the third shot would essentially be mandatory in WA.

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Mr McGowan said the rules could be in place for “years” to prevent unvaccinated people from mixing with WA’s fully immunized residents.

The prime minister said he would also ban those who had not received both Covid vaccine doses from bottle shops from ‘encouraging’ them to roll up their sleeves.

The unvaccinated also shouldn’t be allowed to use bottle-store drive-throughs, he said, as part of “the broadest evidence of vaccination requirements in the nation.”

They should also not visit loved ones in the hospital or take their child to a play center.

Speaking on Thursday night, Mr. McGowan warned that “life will change significantly” for unvaccinated, who “need to be protected from themselves.”

The Prime Minister later confirmed that the unvaccinated would be denied access to museums, the Perth Zoo, gyms and the entire Crown Casino complex.

New rules for unvaccinated Western Australians:

From January 31, unvaccinated Australians will no longer be allowed to visit a large number of locations.

These locations include:

  • Restaurants
  • cafes
  • bars
  • pubs
  • movie theaters
  • Amusement parks
  • museums
  • Bottle shops
  • gyms

However, unvaccinated residents can still visit takeaways, gas stations and roadside restaurants.