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Vodafone’s Ultra Hub brings Wi-Fi 6E to UK homes

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While it works well, 4G backup is probably a superfluous extra for most people. If your Internet service is stable, as it should be if you have full fiber, you will never need 4G service. People lucky enough to live in an area with 5G coverage can get much faster backup service or even consider 5G home internet instead of cable broadband.

The Vodafone app is quite basic, but easy to use. You can check connected devices, set up a guest network, and easily share login details with a QR code. There is also a built-in support option that attempts to troubleshoot and fix network issues automatically. Parental controls and safety features would be a welcome addition.

Competence and availability

Photography: Simon Hill

You can pay for fast internet service, but a decent router is required to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, most UK ISPs do not offer good equipment. The worst offender is BT (British Telecom), which sends most customers the old Smart Hub 2, a dual-band Wi-Fi 5 router that is sadly outdated.

Most providers offer at least Wi-Fi 6 routers today. I like TalkTalk’s approach. Instead of rebranding a white-label router, it partnered with Amazon’s Eero. The slower, cheaper Full Fiber contracts come with an Eero 6, but the Full Fiber 900 includes a pair of Eero Pro 6 routers, which is a great system for most homes. Interestingly, Three has also partnered with Eero for its 4G and 5G home broadband service.

The price and availability of the Vodafone Pro II service depends on your location and required speed, but starts from £39 a month with a minimum two-year contract. That two-year commitment is definitely a turn-off, and annual price increases can be expected in April, but it’s an unfortunately common problem among UK ISPs.

Ultimately, Vodafone has improved things with its Pro II service, and the Ultra Hub is perhaps the best ISP-provided router you can get in the UK today. Many people will be better off choosing the best service in their area (based on budget and speed requirements) and then buy our best routers or best mesh guides, but will have to spend a few hundred to get something comparable.

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