Vodafone first connects & # 039; gigafast & # 039; broadband customers in October

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Vodafone's ultrafast broadband service is available for parts of Milton Keynes from October and the company hopes that a number of aggressive prices will stimulate acceptance.

The operator has been providing fixed broadband services to consumers and businesses for a number of years with the aid of Openreach & # 39; s fiber optics on the cabinet (FTTC) network.

Last year, however, it reached an agreement with CityFibre to bring optical fiber to the premise (FTTP) connectivity in at least one million locations by 2021, a figure that could eventually reach five million.

Vodafone Gigafast

In the summer, a successful pilot was organized in Milton Keynes and on Friday, September 14, Vodafone will open pre-orders with a view to installation in the week of 8 October.

"From Milton Keynes we are helping people to free themselves from the shackles of their old, copper-based broadband," said Nick Jeffrey, CEO of Vodafone UK. "With Gigafast Broadband, Vodafone is investing in the best-in-class infrastructure for the United Kingdom, so that the country can be equipped for the future."

Vodafone offers four types of Gigafast broadband & # 39; – 100 Mbps for £ 28 per month, 200 Mbps for £ 33, 500 Mbps for £ 38 and 900 Mbps for £ 48 per month. Installation and router are free, there is no leased line to pay and the use is unlimited. Meanwhile, existing Vodafone mobile customers receive an extra £ 5 discount.

The attractive pricing is somewhat compensated by the fact that currently only 3,700 homes in Milton Keynes have access to the network, but it is expected that the entire city will be covered by 2020. Vodafone and CityFibre will cover parts of Aberdeen and Peterborough later years, with Coventry, Edinburgh, Huddersfield and Stirling will follow in 2019.

CityFibre is one of the many alternative network providers (altnets) that deploy complete fiber optic infrastructure in the UK. More traditional providers Openreach, Virgin Media and TalkTalk are among others to have FTTP plans in the making.