Vodafone Australia simplifies its prepaid mobile subscriptions in the run-up to the TPG merger

<pre><pre>Vodafone Australia simplifies its prepaid mobile subscriptions in the run-up to the TPG merger

A week after the announcement of his merger with TPG To challenge the likes of Telstra and Optus, Vodafone Australia (VHA) is reviewing its prepaid mobile plans to make it easier for its customers.

Starting today, there are six new & # 39; pre-paid prepaid subscriptions ranging from $ 10 to $ 60 in price. Called the Vodafone Combo Plus, these new plans will replace Telco's Talk and Data plans, and provide data as well as many standard international minutes.

calling abroad

The last thing is what Vodafone is trying to sell, although on the more expensive plans. The Aussie telco has added more countries to its international call list, split into two zones with more than 90 countries.

Vodafone research has shown that India, China and New Zealand are the destinations that receive the most calls from Australia, increasing the international speaking time for these three Zone 1 countries to a maximum of 2000 minutes. A total of 20 countries have been included in Zone 1, but if you want to chat with family members abroad for so long, you need the $ 60 Combo Plus plan.

In Zone 2 there are countries such as Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Belgium and the Czech Republic and, together with 70 other countries, receive a top of 150 minutes of international speaking time.

All inclusions

All Combo Plus subscriptions come with infinite national chat and text, with prices of $ 40 and more with a 35 day expiration period, while the cheaper options do not include international minutes and a 28 day expiry.

In terms of data, it is again the $ 40 and higher Combo Plus subscriptions that offer much more data than the cheaper ones. You can get 6GB for the $ 30 plan, but if that's not enough, the $ 40 plan offers 17GB, while the $ 50 plan includes no less than 30GB.

If you want to sign up for one of the new plans, you can go to Vodafone Australia website to find out more.