Vivaldi releases an Android version of its highly customizable browser

Vivaldi, a web browser from a group of developers who previously worked on Opera, is a consideration to consider if you really want to customize your browsing experience. Now Vivaldi brings that spirit of power users mobile with a new Android version, available today in beta.


The Android version offers a number of functions that current Vivaldi users will be familiar with. When you open a new tab, you will see your speed dial numbers. These are grids with saved site shortcuts and bookmarks that you can organize and customize. If you want to use a specific search engine without navigating directly to it, you can use custom & # 39; nicknames & # 39; in the address bar, such as & # 39; d & # 39; for DuckDuckGo, and your search query is guided by that engine. And you can type notes without switching to a separate app.

Image: Vivaldi

Vivaldi also says that you can also use it to synchronize bookmarks, speed dials, passwords, auto-complete information, and the comments I mentioned in your desktop and mobile sessions, claiming that this data is protected with end-to-end encryption by default. . For comparison: Firefox's account synchronization also has standard end-to-end encryption, but Google only offers the end-to-end taste (meaning that Google cannot see what you are syncing back and forth) if you set an optional password.

Vivaldi & # 39; s beta for mobile browsers does not seem to offer everything the desktop version does – desktop Vivaldi & # 39; s cool option to stack tabs in one tab for example, seems to be missing. However, if you've been waiting for a Vivaldi-like experience on mobile, the company's official Android release sounds like it's worth watching.