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Virginia school is called RACIST by state’s attorney when it opens an investigation into the invitation to the college prep club

Virginia’s attorney general has written to a state high school demanding that they stop selecting students for a college preparatory program “based on race, color, and national origin.”

AG Jason Miyares wrote to Cooper Middle School in McLean after the school sent an email to eighth grade parents asking if their children would benefit from a plan to help them with college applications.

“Please cease and desist the unlawful conduct of soliciting and selecting applicants for the University Partnership Program on the basis of race, color, and national origin,” he wrote.

This matter is being investigated by the Office for Civil Rights.

The email, sent around March 1, said the course was only open to black or Hispanic students.

The school then clarified that the course was open to everyone and emphasized that the website, unlike the email, only said that “a typical college prep student” was Black, Hispanic, Native American, or economically disadvantaged.

But there was still no mention of white or Asian students on the website, prompting accusations that Fairfax County was quietly trying to exclude them.

The stock-based board is among the most active in the United States. She has been outspoken about her desire to increase the number of black and Latino students at her most prestigious school, Thomas Jefferson High, and has been accused of engineering admissions there at the expense of white and Asian students.

Jason Miyares, Virginia’s attorney general, wrote to Cooper Middle School Thursday saying he was concerned about discrimination in its college prep program, which a March 1 email says is only open to African-Americans, Hispanics, or Native Americans. American people.

The school responded by noting that Asians made up 17.4 percent of CPP students in the current year and white students 8.7 percent.

A spokesman for Fairfax County Public Schools, the district in which Cooper Middle School is located, said that “false and damaging public allegations have been made against Cooper Middle School.”

“Publishing false narratives like this one undermines the efforts of public schools to boost America’s educational achievement,” they said, without clarifying how the erroneous email was sent. DailyMail.com has contacted the district for further comment.

Miyares, however, stood by his complaint, and one Asian whistleblower said the district’s long history of bias makes it harder to take his denials seriously.

“Virginia Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, or national origin,” he tweeted.

“It is important that all public schools in the Commonwealth follow the law.”

The investigation is just the latest for Miyares in the school district.

Fairfax County Public Schools has been under investigation since earlier this year by Miyares for withholding merit awards from Thomas Jefferson High School students.

TJ’s, as the locals call it, is the best-performing public school in the United States, and teachers claimed they had withheld merit awards to boost ‘equity’.

Miyares is also investigating whether TJ’s discriminated against Asian students with its admissions policies.

Students were previously selected for the school based on academic merit. Attempts to change the system to make it more ‘equitable’ have been met with anger by many parents, and a court case is ongoing.

Cooper Middle School’s troubles began when parents of eighth graders were asked if their children were considering college and could benefit from college prep classes.

However, the March 1 email said the lessons were only available to black or Hispanic students, as well as those with disabilities, language barriers, economic disadvantages, or those who were the first in their families to apply.

Lisa Barrow is the principal of Cooper Middle School, which has come under fire for a new program that offers college preparation to students except those who are white or Asian.

Lisa Barrow is the principal of Cooper Middle School, which has come under fire for a new program that offers college preparation to students except those who are white or Asian.

Journalist Asra Nomani, who obtained the letter, tweeted: “In the 20th century, the Asian Exclusion Act denied Asians equal opportunity.

‘Now @FCPSNews promotes a college prep program with admissions based on race, excluding Asian + White.

Asra Nomani first revealed the letter to parents

‘A judge has already ruled that FCPS violated the US Constitution in new anti-Asian admissions.’

Nomani noted that the benefits of the program were substantial: attendees received academic advising, access to universities to experience their teaching, and advice on “complete applications for universities and scholarships.”

She became an anti-wake activist during her son’s time at Thomas Jefferson, during which she saw what she claimed was a variety of unfair and racist bias directed toward white and Asian students.

One parent, Glenn Miller, an attorney, said Fairfax Times the scheme was problematic.

“This program excludes children based on race and appears to be in direct violation of the school district’s own anti-discrimination policy,” he said.

Cooper Middle School, pictured, sparked accusations of racism after offering a college preparatory program that excluded white and Asian-American students.

Cooper Middle School, pictured, sparked accusations of racism after offering a college preparatory program that excluded white and Asian-American students.

There are 17,760 black students in Fairfax County Public Schools, representing 10 percent of the total student body.

Hispanic students make up 28 percent, with 51,048 people.

The school district’s non-discrimination policy states: ‘No applicant or employee on the basis of race, sex, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, genetic information, status of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions , marital status, veteran status, and disability will be denied the benefits of, or discriminated against under, any educational program or activity, as required by law.’

Thomas Jefferson was forced to humiliatingly apologize for withholding merit awards, which angry parents said could have been used to boost their children’s college applications.

Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin was outraged enough by the incident to launch a formal investigation by state attorneys.

Criminal charges against the school could follow.

Youngkin scored an upset victory in the state in 2021 largely thanks to his opposition to policies like those on display in Fairfax County schools.

Democratic rival Terry McAuliffe is widely believed to have botched his campaign after telling parents they didn’t have to interfere in what was happening in schools.

Another Virginia school board, Loudon County, sparked national outrage with its transgender bathroom policies after a boy in a skirt molested two girls in the bathrooms of two separate high schools.

‘Equity’ is the current buzzword, and it means seeking equal results for all students, rather than simply offering them the same opportunities.

Advocates say it helps level the playing field for disadvantaged kids who deserve the same chance to succeed as everyone else.

Critics say working toward equity rarely lifts those kids up and instead lowers standards overall, to give the artificial impression of better outcomes.