Virginia Roberts calls Ghislaine Maxwell a ‘tyrant’ with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

New details about alleged abuser Ghislaine Maxwell have emerged, including that the British socialite was a “tyrant” with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims and was still in love with him despite his penchant for underage women.

The claim comes from recently released excerpts from a new book by Miami Herald investigative journalist Julie K. Brown entitled: Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story, due out this Tuesday.

Brown, who has written extensively about Epstein and Maxwell, spoke with alleged victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who took a closer look at the couple’s twisted relationship.

Giuffre, 37, has long claimed that Maxwell and Epstein recruited and then traded her when she was 17.

In the book, Giuffre said that Maxwell “could be a tyrant, who often looked at her when she was distracted from her ‘work'”.

“It was clear to Virginia that Maxwell was in love with Epstein. But Epstein and Maxwell rarely slept together or shared intimate moments, such as holding hands or kissing,” Brown wrote.

Virginia said it was because Maxwell couldn’t satisfy Epstein’s insatiable desire for girls. Maxwell would accept his obsession as long as those encounters were purely sexual.’

Julie K. Brown interviewed Virginia Roberts Giuffre, (pictured center) who said Maxwell “could be a tyrant, often glaring at her when distracted from her ‘work’.”

Maxwell is pictured above in a court outline from an April hearing in Manhattan federal court in connection with her sex trafficking case

Maxwell is pictured above in a court outline from an April hearing in Manhattan federal court in connection with her sex trafficking case

Other revelations in the book include that Giuffre, who rose to fame as the chief whistleblower against Epstein’s alleged crimes, first met Maxwell and Epstein at former President Donald Trump’s country club Mar-a-Lago in 2000 when she was only 16 years old, Fox news reported.

According to the book, Maxwell approached Giuffre at the country club and asked her if she was a masseuse and Giuffre, who went by the name “Jenna,” said she wanted to be one someday, prompting Maxwell to offer her an interview to work. for Epstein.

Maxwell suggested that Virginia meet (Epstein) to apply. Virginia was skeptical, pointing out that she hadn’t received the proper education. But Maxwell assured her she could learn “on the job,” noting that Virginia seemed to take her calling seriously — based on all the sticky notes she could see from the anatomy book in her hands. She gave Virginia her address and phone number. “Why don’t you come by after work?” Maxwell left, with a happy, almost maternal farewell,” Brown wrote.

Giuffre pushed through the vacancy and first met Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion.

Maxwell had prepared her and told her to consider the session a tryout. “If you do it right,” Maxwell told her, “you might become Jeffrey’s traveling masseuse, see the world and get paid well for it.” At first it all seemed legit. Maxwell showed Virginia some techniques, starting with Epstein’s feet and then moving down to his calves, instructing her to use upward strokes to push the blood down his legs,” the book says.

Brown writes about how Epstein and Maxwell grew closer to Giuffre and asked her about her difficult childhood.

Most of the 52 Ghislaine Maxwell files unlocked overnight relate to a previous defamation lawsuit filed by one of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers

Most of the 52 Ghislaine Maxwell files unlocked overnight relate to a previous defamation lawsuit filed by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers

Most of the 52 files relate to a lengthy defamation lawsuit filed in 2016 by Epstein prosecutor Virginia Roberts Giuffre after Maxwell called her a liar

Maxwell is pictured with a black eye from prison

The majority of the 52 files relate to a protracted defamation lawsuit filed in 2016 by Epstein prosecutor Virginia Roberts Giuffre after Maxwell called her a liar. Maxwell is pictured on the right with a black eye from prison

During an interaction, the couple “teased” Giuffre for being “a naughty girl,” a label Giuffre denied, Fox reported.

‘I’m a good girl. I was just always in the wrong places,” Giuffre told Epstein, to which he replied, “It’s okay, I like naughty girls.”

“With that, he turned around and showed (himself),” the book continues. ‘She looked to Maxwell for advice, but the real English lady was now topless. She started undressing Virginia…’

Although Maxwell has denied having a sexual relationship with Giuffre, the accuser says Maxwell and Epstein shared “a related hedonism” and that Maxwell helped facilitate his “obsession” with young girls.

“It was an arrangement where she would bring him the girls, and he would give Ghislaine the kind of self-indulgent life she was used to growing up,” Giuffre says in the book.

The extracts come a day after unsealed court documents revealed Maxwell was mocked for having “total amnesia” after she claimed in a statement she could not remember taking a single flight with Giuffre – although flight logs show Maxwell traveled with Giuffre more than 23 times in the pedophile’s private jet.

Dozens of files were unsealed by a federal judge in New York in connection with Maxwell’s pending sex trafficking case.

The majority of the 52 files relate to a lengthy defamation lawsuit that Giuffre filed in 2016 after Maxwell called her a liar.

Among the documents that were unsealed overnight were Maxwell’s attempts to destroy requests from Giuffre’s attorneys to obtain her financial records after Giuffre sued her for $50 million.

Giuffre’s lawyers argued that obtaining Maxwell’s data was relevant to demonstrating a financial link to Epstein.

In court documents, Giuffre’s lawyers said Maxwell was malicious because of “exceeding lack of memory about her involvement in the abuse.”

“For example, (Maxwell) can’t even remember a single flight on Epstein’s private jet with Ms. Giuffre, although flight logs show that (Maxwell) had 23 flights with Ms. Giuffre while Ms. Giuffre was a minor,” the lawyers said, according to court documents.

Her lawyers also argued that Maxwell could not recall the circumstances under which a photo of her, Giuffre and another person whose name had been removed from the court documents.

“On the basis of (Maxwell’s) facile and near-total amnesia of documented incriminating events, a reasonable jury could determine that she acted willfully and maliciously when she caused false and defamatory statements about Ms. the lawyers said. argued, according to court documents.

The court documents were among those that were unsealed overnight in New York City after Judge Loretta Preska ruled last month that files — including some of Maxwell’s personal cases — should be made public.

The judge ruled that opening the documents would not affect Maxwell’s right to a fair trial in November, as her lawyers argue.

Maxwell’s lawyers opposed the move.

Some of the unsealed court documents related to Giuffre’s attempts to obtain emails Maxwell had exchanged with the likes of Epstein and his lawyer and friend Alan Dershowitz.

Giuffre’s lawyers accused Maxwell of refusing to hand over the emails.

In court documents, they noted that Maxwell had previously claimed that she had “a habit of deleting emails after they have been read.”

The attorneys alleged that Maxwell intentionally deleted emails from Epstein and requested permission to forensically examine Maxwell’s computers and emails to access relevant data.

In response to those requests, Maxwell’s attorneys argued in a separate court document that part of the email was protected under attorney-client privilege because they also included their legal teams and discussions of the defamation lawsuit.

Maxwell’s lawyer argued that the argument for forensically searching her computer and emails was “uncredited.”

The documents are part of a tranche of material that has been gradually released since the beginning of the year.

The British socialite is accused of obtaining four teenage girls for Epstein to sexually assault between 1994 and 2004.

She is also charged with perjury due to testimony she gave during a July 2016 statement in the defamation case involving Giuffre.

Giuffre claims Maxwell recruited her when she was 16 and took her to Epstein to be repeatedly raped and abused, including by Prince Andrew, which he denies.

The libel case was settled in 2017, but at the request of the media organization, the documents are gradually being unsealed.

Maxwell was arrested last July and pleaded not guilty to the charges.