Virgin Mobile Stops Pay As You Go: Where Are You Going?

Virgin Mobile Axes Pay As You Go Services For 123,000 Customers: Here Are The Best Sim-Only Deals (And Some Don’t Require A Contract)

  • Virgin Mobile will stop its PAYG services from January next year
  • The network said usage was reduced by 75%
  • Customers have the option to pay monthly or switch providers

Virgin Mobile is scrapping its Pay As You Go option, meaning 123,000 customers will no longer be able to use it on the network.

Those affected by the changes will be notified no later than October 2021, with the changes taking place in January 2022.

After that, the network will shut down all PAYG customers who are still using this service. The move is due to the decreasing numbers who pay in this way.

Those with PAYG have the option of taking out an alternative monthly SIM-only plan from Virgin Mobile or can choose to switch to another mobile provider without a financial penalty.

Virgin Mobile Shuts Down Its Pay As You Go Services, Affecting 123,000 Customers As Of January

Customers can use the remaining credit between the time they are notified of the change and the date their service ends, or they have up to 12 months to reclaim the unused credit once their PAYG service has ended.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: ‘We regularly evaluate our products and services to ensure that our offerings reflect our customers’ needs and best support their use.

“In recent years, we’ve seen 75 percent less active PAYG usage, so we’ve decided to close our PAYG services and focus on offering even greater Pay Monthly and Sim only plans.

“Customers affected by this change will be notified in a clear and timely manner and will be offered an alternative monthly subscription or the option to switch providers.”

Many people have recently moved away from PAYG plans as more people rely on their smartphones and move to monthly contracts with large data, minutes, and text bundles.

However, there are still many older customers who still rely on their PAYG phones.

Those who still have a PAYG mobile can benefit from switching to a Sim-only plan where they pay monthly for their use.

This is a good option for those who already have a phone or can pre-purchase one.

Sim only deals can be a good option for those who can no longer use their PAYG phone

Sim only deals can be a good option for those who can no longer use their PAYG phone

Top Sim Only Deals

One of the cheapest Sim-only deals on the market right now is from Lebara, which offers unlimited minutes and texts with 3GB of data for £4.95.

Those who take the deal through Uswitch will also get the first month for £3.47 no contract.

Customers, again going through Uswitch, who take up the same offer but with 10GB of data can still get the first month for £3.47 too, but the monthly price goes up to £6.95 after that.

Smarty also offers a great deal with unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 12GB of data for £7 a month.

O2 offers unlimited minutes and texts with 12GB of data for £8, but also gives customers 3 months of Disney+ free. However, customers are bound by a 12 month contract.

Similarly, Three offers unlimited minutes, texts and data for £16 a month, but customers need to sign up for a year.

provider Minutes and texts Facts Additional Features costs per month Contract duration
Lebara (excluding Uswitch) Unlimited 3GB First month only £3.47 £4.95 No contract
Lebara (excluding Uswitch) Unlimited 10GB First month only £3.47 £6.95 No contract
SMARTY Unlimited 12GB N/A seven pounds No contract
O2 Unlimited 12GB 3 months free Disney+ £8 12 months
Three Unlimited 30GB N/A £10 12 months
SMARTY Unlimited 30GB N/A £10 No contract
TalkMobile Unlimited 30GB EU roaming included £10 1 month
Uswitch Exclusive Lycamobile Unlimited 100GB N/A £12 No contract
Three Unlimited Unlimited N/A £16 12 months
Source: Uswitch (all prices correct as of July 28, 2021)