Virgin Media weapons for 4K with the first UHD entertainment channel in the UK

<pre><pre>Virgin Media weapons for 4K with the first UHD entertainment channel in the UK

Virgin Media launches a special entertainment channel for 4K Ultra HD content, in a further boost to the growing demand for high-quality image TVs.

Virgin TV Ultra HD is the first entertainment channel in the UK to broadcast exclusively in 4K and offers a fleet of compatible TV dramas and documentaries.

It joins Virgin Media's retreat to 4K earlier this summer with BT Sport 4K UHD, who saw the likes of the FIFA World Cup 2018, Wimbledon Championships and Champions League Final broadcast in UHD to British homes.

Although the whole program has yet to be unveiled, there are some notable highlights below:

  • Masters of Sex, starring Martin Sheen (Friday, 22:00)
  • The Big Dry, nature documentary from the producers of Blue Planet (Monday to Wednesday launch week, 8 pm)
  • Start-up, Silicon Valley-based drama starring Martin Freeman (Monday, 10.00 PM)

For every 2 million Virgin Media customers with a V6 box, they have access to the 4K broadcast on channel 999 on prime time every night.

The prime-time channel starts its first broadcast on Monday, September 7, while Love Island narrator Iain Stirling hosts the launch night. The first broadcast starts at 20.20 and starts until the early hours.

High demand

The demand for 4K televisions has grown steadily as technology becomes more affordable, although there is a shortage of 4K Blu-ray players and a limited number of compatible 4K content on Netflix and Amazon Prime, there is not much to watch for their really flashy to use new ones.

Obviously there are extras for better television, even for normal HD content, because the more advanced sets generally have a generally sharper, clearer picture – with the potential to scale up content with a lower definition to something that the 4K quality is approaching.