Virat Kohli recalls Sydney Test Row: Sorry, please Don & # 039; t Ban Me

Virat Kohli Recalls Sydney Test Row: I

Indian captain, Virat Kohli, recalled the most embarrassing incidents of his cricket career when he was caught in front of the camera showing the middle finger to the fans during the tour of Australia in 2012. Annoyed by the mockery of the crowd, Virat Kohli showed his middle finger to a section of the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground during the second test in 2012. For his behavior, Kohli was called by the match referee Ranjan Madugalle in his room and asked to explain the problem.

"The only thing I remember is that when I had enough of the Australian crowd in Sydney [in 2012] and I just decided to spend a [middle] finger in them, "he recalled while speaking with Wisden Cricket Monthly.

"The match referee [Ranjan Madugalle] He called me to his room the next day and I said, "What's wrong?"

The referee asked: & # 39; What happened yesterday in the limit? & # 39;

I said: "Nothing, it was a bit of a joke." Then he threw the newspaper in front of me and this great picture of me appeared on the front page.

"I said:" I'm so sorry, please do not come with me. "I came away with that, he was a nice guy, he understood that he was young and that these things happen," Kohli recalled.

After the incident, Kohli posted a tweet.

Kohli also gave credit to his childhood coach, Rajkumar Sharma, for the role he has played in shaping his career.

"My trainer, Rajkumar Sharma, always looked at things from the outside and he understood me more after my family, because I had treated him a lot over the years, my family too, every time they felt that I was not on the right path they told me" , He said.

"But my coach was very strict with me, if he was doing something wrong, he would make sure he understood that, in one way or another, he was the only person I was afraid of when I was little. years and even now I still talk about my game, "added the Indian patron. .