Virat Kohli Hotel Room Violated by Intruders Filming Video: Indian Cricket T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli has been left furious after a troubling security breach saw a fanatic fan sneak into his hotel room and film a video.

The Indian cricket superstar took to Instagram to express his disgust, calling the intrusive act “appalling” and “an absolute invasion of privacy.”

He shared the clip, admitting: ‘I feel very paranoid’ about his safety as he competes in the T20 World Cup in Australia.

The incident comes just days after the Indian cricket team complained about some of the food served to players during the tournament.

Unknown intruders videoed the inside of a hotel room where Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli stayed

Unknown intruders videoed the inside of a hotel room where Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli stayed

The video, which has no sound, shows a close-up of Kohli’s personal items lying on a table next to his made hotel bed.

The camera pans the neatly decorated room, showing several pairs of shoes against a wall and a suitcase full of batsman uniforms before zooming in on his toiletries, medicines, and supplements.

The sticky beak peers into the spotless bathroom and then opens the mirrored closet door, but quickly closes it again once he sees that the only things inside are a standard hotel iron and a safe.

At least two to three people can be seen in the room all wearing black shoes, well-pressed gray suits and white formal shirts, similar to those worn by the staff at the Perth Crown hotel, where the Indian team stayed for Sunday night’s showdown against South Africa.

“I understand that fans get really happy and excited when they see their favorite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that,” Kohli said.

“But this video here is terrible and I feel very paranoid about my privacy.

The video zoomed in on Kohli’s bathroom and medical supplies as it passed through his room

The video also showed suitcases full of Indian cricket uniforms and other clothes

Kohli’s shoes were lined up immaculately against one of the hotel room walls, as shown in the video

“If I can’t have privacy in my own hotel room, where can I really expect personal space?”

“I am NOT okay with this kind of fanaticism and absolute invasion of privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and do not treat them as commodities for entertainment.’

Kohli’s brother Vikas responded directly under Kohli’s post.

“This is really very unprofessional who ever did it, I assume it has to be just the hotel staff otherwise it’s a total disaster for the hotel management if it’s other fans…” he wrote.

‘WHERE IS THE GUEST’S SECURITY AND PRIVACY… this is very alarming @crownperth.

Kohli, pictured here with his Bollywood star wife Anushka Sharma, has condemned the ‘terrible’ invasion of his privacy

Australian batsman David Warner also condemned the act.

“This is ridiculous, totally unacceptable,” he wrote.

‘Was this @crownperth’

Bollywood megastar Varun Dhawan, one of the highest paid actors in the Indian film industry, also showed his distaste.

“Horrible behaviour,” he wrote.

Earlier this week, Kohli had thanked the Perth Crown staff for their ‘wonderful hospitality and service’.

Crown hotel has been contacted for comment.

Australian batsman David Warner also called the apparent split ‘totally unacceptable’

Hotel break-ins aren’t the only thing that upset the feathers of Indian players on their current tour to compete in the World Cup, where they took two wins and one loss on Sunday night.

On Monday, Indian players, reportedly led by team captain Rohit Sharma and including Kohli, boycotted a lunch they believe was cold and not substantial enough after a practice session in Sydney.

‘The food was not to your liking. We can’t eat a sandwich after a practice session,” The Indian Express quoted an Indian player as saying.

The late lunch offered a ‘make your own sandwich’ option along with falafel and fruit.

It was reported that the Indian squad had expressed their discontent to a Sydney Cricket Ground official.

Kohli’s brother Vikas has accused the Perth Crown hotel, where the Indian players stayed for the weekend, of allowing the ‘total disaster’