VIEWS FROM SPAIN: The European Super League was a get-rich-quick plan for the affected clubs in Spain


VIEWS FROM SPAIN: The Super League was a get-rich-quick plan for LaLiga’s financially stricken giants … but with Atletico already out, Real Madrid’s plans in ruins and Barcelona’s £ 629 MILLION debt piling up, now what?

  • Plans for a European Super League were in ruins from Tuesday evening
  • Super League chairman Florentino Perez went on TV confidently on Monday
  • But due to an exodus of the six English teams, the proposals are no longer possible
  • Barcelona saw the Super League as an opportunity for a quick cash injection
  • On Wednesday, Atletico Madrid officially confirmed that they were withdrawing

It was not our idea!

Barcelona took a giant step back from its failed attempt to split football in two just 48 hours after signing up as a founder.

Now they can return to their € 730 million (£ 629 million) short-term debt problem – a problem that would have been solved in one fell swoop had the Super League plan not been such a bad fantasy.

Barcelona is struggling to find ways to ease their crippling £ 629 million debt

Returning president Joan Laporta agreed to plans for a European Super League, but has never been in front of a closed shop

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid's long-standing president, is seen as the brainchild of the ESL

Returning Barcelona president Joan Laporta (left) agreed to Florentino Perez’s (right) grand plans for a European Super League, but he has never advocated a closed shop

El Mundo Deportivos on Tuesday’s front page, ‘€ 350 million (£ 302 million) now’ shouted about the promised windfall upfront payment from US investors on the plan. On today’s front page, it boiled down to English clubs ‘undoing Florentino’s project’.

Those words are important in the future – if this is remembered as the brainchild of the President of Real Madrid, it will help Barcelona and Atletico Madrid distance themselves from it as much as possible.

On Tuesday evening, Gerard Pique tweeted enthusiastically about football fans who have won the day. He also joked about Real Madrid president Perez, who appeared on Spanish television with all guns on Monday and then pulled out of a scheduled radio appearance on Tuesday.

Wednesday edition of Mundo Deportivo talked about English teams 'ruining' Perez's project

Wednesday edition of Sports world spoke about English teams ‘ruining’ Perez’s project

Diario AS showed a photo of fans protesting the Super League outside Chelsea's stadium at Stamford Bridge

Marca focused on Perez's project which was in ruins after just 48 hours

Talk of the collapse of the European Super League was front-page news all over Spain

Some criticized Pique for speaking only after the deal fell apart, but silence had been Barcelona’s strategy from the start.

This was a plan that club president Joan Laporta had joined because his predecessor Josep Bartomeu had laid the foundation and since Laporta didn’t like it, it was a possible way out of the debt spiral.

It’s no secret he didn’t like it. He admitted that he had serious reservations when he spoke Sportsmail in December.

In an interview held late last year, Laporta was asked about the rumors of a closed league from which teams could not be relegated and the effect that removing meritocracy from the biggest football league could have.

“We believe you can destroy the essence of football,” was his unequivocal response.

When asked if he was for a Super League, he said: ‘I am mainly for football. It is the spectacle that has indeed developed as a business, but also to bring people together, communities; it is part of life. So that’s what I’m here for. ‘

Laporta’s doubts about the idea of ​​a closed Super League were also voiced in the Spanish media. He told Spanish radio Cadena Cope: ‘You destroy the football business and you lose the pleasant relationship with the lesser known teams. They will have to argue their case very well to convince me. ‘

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique rejoiced at the news that the Super League plans were being abandoned

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique rejoiced at the news that the Super League plans were being abandoned

For teams like Atletico Madrid, who withdrew, the ESL would have provided a money injection

For teams like Atletico Madrid, who withdrew, the ESL would have provided a money injection

Perez believed the breakout would have brought many more benefits than the 15 member clubs

Perez believed the breakout would have brought many more benefits than the 15 member clubs

The fact that Barcelona filed suggests that the case has been filed with him. An immediate cash injection is certainly what the club needed.

El Mundo Deportivos on Tuesday’s back page, he headed: ‘Without the Super League, there is no Plan B’. Many of Barcelona’s supporters saw the prospect of taking some of the estimated £ 3.03 billion against future broadcast earnings as a way out of the financial mire.

The fans’ reaction is also how Barcelona claims they will now walk away from here without penalties. They say their participation in it was entirely determined by the endorsement by the members of the club at the next AGM.

Atletico Madrid is in a similar position. They let Real Madrid president Perez do the talking, they won’t let him take the blame or the compassion of those who see him as the innovator Spanish football needed and who was abandoned by his co-conspirators. .

Like Barcelona and Real Madrid, Atletico will have to rethink other ways to ease their financial troubles.

Atletico has the highest paid coach in the world in Diego Simeone (left) and huge pay

In any case, their new stadium has been built but not paid for. The club went into debt to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to pay for their move from old Vicente Calderon and the approximately € 200 million debt to Slim’s company Inbursa will not be paid off until around 2028.

They have football’s highest paid coach and a payroll of € 348 million (£ 300 million) before the pandemic brought forced cuts.

The antidote to all this would be to win the league this season. LaLiga’s title race this year is as exciting as it has been in years. Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid can all take the crown. All three have also had their fair share of Champions League glory over the past decade.

That’s another reminder that they wanted to rip it all up for money, not because it was no longer fun.