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Video: Watch: The death toll from Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar has risen to 81


The cyclone made landfall, with winds of 195 kilometers per hour, between Sittwe in Burma and Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, where camps have been set up for Rohingya refugees who fled violence from the Burmese army.

At least 46 people were killed in the villages of Bo Ma and Khong Doki Kar in Rakhine State, where the majority of Rohingya live, local officials and residents told AFP.

“There will be more deaths because more than 100 people are missing,” said Carlo, an official in Bo Ma village.

Nine people died in the Daping camp for Rohingya displaced people near Sittwe, a camp official told AFP, adding that roads were cut off from the camp, which lacked supplies.

One person also died in Qin Eun Taw Chai and six people in Eun Taw Gye, according to local officials.

On Tuesday morning, residents of Bo Ma scoured the seashore in search of relatives who disappeared during the passage of the typhoon, AFP correspondents reported.

The latest toll announced by the military council on Monday was five dead and an unspecified number of wounded. It is unclear whether any of the deaths of Bo Ma and Khong Doki Kar were included in the junta tally.

Mocha is the biggest storm in the region in more than a decade, destroying Rohingya villages and camps, downing trees and electricity poles, and destroying fishing boats.

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