Video of WNBA star Brittney Griner being swapped for Russian Merchant of Death Viktor Bout

BREAKING NEWS! Video of WNBA star Brittney griner being traded for Russian Merchant of Death Viktor Boult

The moment Viktor Bout, Russian Merchant of Death arms dealer, was traded for Brittney griner, WNBA star in a widely criticized deal brokered by Saudi Arabia. 

The footage shows Bout walking past Griner this morning after he has risen from one jet. 

A Saudi official is nearby watching, but it is unclear if it Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Biden praised the swap this morning and accompanied Griner’s spouse Cheryl at a press event. 

Many believe the deal is a gift for Putin and his war effort to Ukraine – and a damning accusation against Biden’s diplomatic record. 

Critics have been vocal in asking why Griner (WNBA star) was released when Paul Whelan (who has been in prison for many years) has not. 

Biden insists that he is still trying for Whelan to be free.  

The footage shows Bout walking past Griner as he emerges from one jet.

Merchant Of Death Bout Emerged Smiling. Griner Is Shown, Left

Merchant of Death Bout appeared smiling. Griner is shown, right 

War Criminal Bout Smiled As He Made His Way Towards The Jet Waiting For Him

Bout, a war criminal, smiled as he made way towards the waiting jet 

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