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Victor’s headed to San Antonio! Wembanyama’s likely NBA home is decided as Spurs win No. 1 pick


Victor is heading to San Antonio! Wembanyama’s likely NBA home decided as Spurs win No. 1 pick, as man labeled ‘alien’ by LeBron James eyes ‘wins ring ASAP’

  • Spurs are now set to select Victor Wembanyama with the No.1 pick
  • Pistons and Rockets both landed outside the top three despite joint best odds
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Spurs are in the driving seat to select Victor Wembanyama after winning the NBA Draft lottery on Tuesday night.

San Antonio had the best chance — 14% — of getting the No. 1 pick, and now they’ll have the chance to select a generational prospect once dubbed “alien” by LeBron James.

‘I will [do] everything to win as many games as possible,” he said in a live interview with ESPN from Paris.

“I’m trying to win a ring as soon as possible, so be prepared.”

Spurs owner Peter Holt, who was in Chicago in the lottery, was thrilled after it was announced his team had won the No. 1 pick, shouting “let’s go!” immediately after and later jokingly, he “could pass out” when interviewed.

Victor Wembanyama appears to be heading to Spurs in the NBA Draft next month

Scoot Henderson holds six different hats ahead of Tuesday's NBA Draft lottery

Scoot Henderson holds six different hats ahead of Tuesday’s NBA Draft lottery

And fans of the San Antonio franchise matched that excitement from Holt when caught erupting when they found out Wembanyama would likely be a Spur.

Fans captured in a bar were seen spraying alcohol and jumping in the air when they saw the news.

The Hornets got the No. 2 pick while the Blazers rounded out the top three.

The first nine announced picks played out exactly according to the odds.

The Pelicans got the 14th pick, the Raptors got the 13th pick, the Thunder got the 12th pick, and the Magic — via a previous trade with the Bulls — got the 11th pick.

The 10th pick then went to the Mavs, who would have given that selection to the Knicks had it slipped past that spot, while the No. 9 went to the Jazz, the No. 8 to the Wizards, the No. 7 to the Pacers and the No. 6 at the Magic.

But on the fifth pick, things got out of hand, as the Pistons – who had the best chance of winning the lottery – had their name called.

Brandon Miller is one of the top three slated picks in next month's NBA Draft in New York

Brandon Miller is one of the top three slated picks in next month’s NBA Draft in New York

The next pick announced also came as a surprise, as the Rockets – who also had a 14% chance of winning the lottery alongside Detroit and San Antonio – were passed by Charlotte and Portland and placed fourth pick.

While the night almost revealed where Wembanyama will play next, it also offered clarity for a few other prospects.

Alabama’s Brandon Miller and G League Ignite’s Scoot Henderson are projected among the top three picks, and their futures have become a bit clearer with the Hornets and Blazers holding the No. 2 and No. 3 picks, respectively.

The draft will take place on June 22 in New York.

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