Victoria records 950 new cases and seven deaths, but experts warn there could be 3,000 a day by October

Victoria records 950 new cases and seven deaths, but experts warn there could be 3,000 a day before the outbreak peaks – as lockdown eases to allow 15km travel and Dan Andrews popularity plummets

  • Epidemiologists warned that the number of cases could rise to 3,000 by the end of October
  • Victoria eased some restrictions on Tuesday after an 80 percent target for the first dose
  • Melbourne residents can now travel up to 15km instead of just 10km

Victoria has registered 950 new cases of Covid-19 and seven deaths, as experts warn the state could see up to 3,000 infections a day within weeks.

Professor Catherine Bennett, chair of epidemiology at Deakin University, predicted the grim numbers would show in late October before the number of infections begins to decline.

Wednesday’s numbers are the highest the state has seen in a single day since the start of the pandemic, coming from 61,322 tests.

Victoria’s daily cases on Tuesday brought it to the fore in NSW for the first time since June, after 867 new infections were recorded.

While the figure indicating how many are infected on average has fallen slightly to 1.25, experts fear the recent protests will spark another spike in cases.

Epidemiologists have warned Covid cases in Victoria could rise to 3,000 . in just four weeks

In some positive news for the southern state, fewer Covid patients end up in hospital due to the availability of vaccines.

Infectious disease doctor Professor Peter Collignon, meanwhile, has the Herald Sun the prediction of cases approaching the 3000 mark is ‘a little too pessimistic’.

He said the figure did not take into account the fact that Australia was heading for summer or that vaccination rates would have improved by the end of October.

For NSW, their high number of cases began to decline once half the adult population was fully vaccinated, and experts hope the same will be seen in Victoria.

Epidemiologist Tony Blakely said the rise in Victoria’s infections was mainly seen in household contacts.

“What’s happening is people are no longer sticking to their household bubble, and you see the virus spreading, which explains why those numbers keep rising,” he told the paper. ABC.

“I think it’s almost impossible to predict exactly how long the case numbers will rise and when they will change, but I’m pretty sure they won’t make it to 3000s.” [in Victoria], but I’ve learned to be very careful.’

On Tuesday, the state reached the first milestone of 80 percent of residents who have received their first shot.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was able to alleviate some of Melbourne’s grueling lockdown, including extending the travel radius from 10km to 15km from 11.59pm on Tuesday.

Residents can now also participate in ‘contactless’ recreational activities such as golf, tennis or fishing.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews' popularity has plummeted with data showing only 44 percent of Victorians rate the government's response to the pandemic positively

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews’ popularity has plummeted with data showing only 44 percent of Victorians rate the government’s response to the pandemic positively

Personal trainers can train five fully vaccinated people at a time, while also lifting the remaining restrictions on playgrounds.

For those in regional parts of the state, up to 30 people can dine outdoors at restaurants and cafes.

Meanwhile, data has shown that Mr Andrews’ popularity has declined, with just 44 percent of Victorians assessing the government’s response to the pandemic positively. Essential Report.

That figure stood at 50 percent earlier this month but has since fallen, while in Western Australia 82 percent of residents were happy with their prime minister’s actions.