Victoria election 2022: Andrew Bolt claims Dan Andrews is ‘wounded, probably fatally’

Why Andrew Bolt says Daniel Andrews is ‘wounded, probably fatally’, even though he just WON the election and another four years in office

  • Political commentator Andrew Bolt says Dan Andrews is ‘hurt’
  • Andrews’ Labor government was re-elected to a third four-year term on Saturday
  • Bolt accused Andrews of making election promises he can’t keep
  • He ensures that he has lost his ‘Teflon’ and may want to make a dignified exit

Conservative commentator Andrew Bolt has claimed that Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has been “wounded, probably fatally”, despite winning a third term in office on Saturday night.

In an opinion piece for the sunday herald sun – after Andrews was projected to have won a parliamentary majority of at least 50 seats in the lower house – Bolt said voters will never look at the Labor leader the same way again.

While congratulating Andrews on his victory, Bolt argued that the re-elected leader has been widely described as a “cunning bully” and had made election promises that he “cannot keep”.

“There’s no way voters are going to look at him with the same naive confidence they’ve had for almost eight years,” Bolt said.

Political commentator Andrew Bolt (above) said Dan Andrews has been “wounded, probably fatally” after making election promises he “cannot keep”.

“They will be more skeptical after this election has jeopardized Andrews’ honesty and integrity, with his government facing four corruption investigations.”

The commentator argued that the $125 billion suburban rail loop proposed by Andrews and the renewable energy-focused State Electric Commission will likely fail, especially with its upper house appearing to be “more fractured and mutinous than ever.”

Bolt argued that Andrews had “lost his teflon” in recent years, noting that there had been a turn against the Labor government.

He argued that the Premier ‘knows that time is running for a dignified exit that allows him to retire as a winner in a well-paying job.’

In his victory speech, Andrews told supporters that the Victorian election was a resounding vote for a strong and stable majority Labor government.

“The giant reformer and Labor icon Paul Keating once told me, ‘son, leadership is not about doing what’s popular, leadership is about doing what’s right,'” he told a party in his Melbourne constituency in mulgrave.

Dan Andrews (Pictured After Winning The Election) Will Become Victoria'S Longest-Serving Prime Minister In April.

Dan Andrews (pictured after winning the election) will become Victoria’s longest-serving Prime Minister in April.

“Essentially, he was telling me that leadership is about doing what matters and that’s exactly what the people of this great state have stood for today.”

Andrews’ election victory means he will become Victoria’s longest-serving ALP premier in April and a bronze statue of him is likely to be erected outside Parliament.

The major networks called the race on Andrews shortly after 8:00 p.m.

The result drew cheers from Labor supporters gathered at the party’s election night celebrations at the Mulgrave Prime Minister’s headquarters in south-east Melbourne.

It comes despite harsh criticism of Andrews for his hawkish policies that forced Melbourne into the world’s longest lockdown.

Mr. Andrews’ vaccine mandates angered some workers, but they were accepted by the majority of the population, and his government campaigned on promises of free kindergarten and renewable energy.

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