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Victoria breaks the string of zero coronavirus cases with two new infections

Victoria breaks its streak of zero coronavirus cases with two new infections and deaths as Melburnians enjoy their first day of freedom after 111 days in lockdown

  • Melbourne is unlocked, stay-at-home orders have been lifted, home visits are allowed
  • Pubs, restaurants and cafes will reopen on Wednesday after they close
  • Some opened during the midnight strike, champagne popped with gamblers

Victoria has recorded two new coronavirus infections and two more deaths, the first fatalities from the virus in the state in several days.

The figures, announced Wednesday, come after two consecutive days with no new cases or deaths. The last death from the coronavirus in Victoria was on October 19.

Despite the spike in business, Melburnians have embraced their freedom after enduring four months of excruciating lockdown.

As midnight fell through the long-suffering city, the shackles of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews’s restrictions were thrown off – at least a little.

Two adults from one household, accompanied by any children, can now visit each other’s homes, finally reuniting families and best friends.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes are free to reopen after they close, and later limited to take out, and many are on the brink of collapse as a result.

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