Veteran stabbed to death in LA homeless camp: second murder in six months at Veterans Row

A veteran through and through was fatally stabbed after trying to break up an argument between a feuding couple at a Los Angeles homeless camp, police say.

The victim died after being stabbed in the torso at least once at 6:40 a.m. Wednesday on the so-called “veteran’s row,” the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said in a press release.

He was the second person to be killed by violence in the past six months in a case that has prompted another state of emergency over the housing crisis in the city of California.

The latest victim had tried to intervene in a domestic dispute on the 11600 block of San Vincent Boulevard in Brentwood, an unincorporated neighborhood of Los Angeles.

His suspected killer, also homeless, was arrested, although the weapon was not recovered.

Veteran’s Row in Los Angeles was the scene of a stabbing that killed a veteran on Wednesday

Dozens of tents – many bearing the American flag – line the veteran row, which is occupied by displaced former servicemen.

The borough, which looks neat and orderly, is located on federal land outside the Veteran’s Affairs campus, a government agency that provides services to honorably discharged veterans.

According to Veteran’s Affairs, 38 vets lived on the strip in May.

GemBob Brookhyser, who lives in the camp with his girlfriend, said he was the one calling for help.

‘I woke up to the screaming,’ he said The Los Angeles Times.

This is the second murder in the camp in six months, police say

This is the second murder in the camp in six months, police say

Wednesday’s stabbing was the second murder near the encampment this year. A 34-year-old man was arrested in April after hitting and killing a man living in a tent.

It prompted Los Angeles city attorney and mayoral candidate Mike Feuer to renew the call to end the veteran’s camp.

“Enough is enough,” Feuer said in a press release. “It’s time for action, it’s time for this camp to end, for the residents to be housed, for the sidewalks to be cleared.”

Los Angeles Sheriffs Say Victim Stabbed After Trying To End Domestic Dispute

Los Angeles Sheriffs Say Victim Stabbed After Trying To End Domestic Dispute

“No one should be living this way, especially when there’s shelter just on the other side of the fence,” continued Feuer, who visited the scene on Wednesday. “I am here today in the wake of this latest violence to call on provincial leaders to end this camp. The residents must be provided with shelter and facilities and these sidewalks and public spaces must be safe and accessible for everyone.’

He also called on the county to declare a state of emergency over the crisis, following the previous appeals by Los Angels County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

“Three months ago I asked for a state of emergency over the homelessness crisis. It’s good to see other elected leaders starting to obey my request,” the sheriff said on Twitter. “This is not a partisan issue and we can solve it by working together.”

The camp was started 13 years ago by the old Veterans Guard in protest against land use, US Army veteran Robert Rosebrock said. NBC News.

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Mike Feuer calls for camp to be closed

Los Angeles mayoral candidate Mike Feuer calls for camp to be closed

Homeless Veterans by State, as of 2020

California: 11,401

Florida: 2,436

Texas: 1948

Washington: 1.607

Oregon: 1,329

New York: 1,251

Colorado: 1,044

Pennsylvania: 977

Nevada: 924

Arizona: 921

Massachusetts: 836

Source: Statista

However, he said the strip of tents has since turned into something not in line with the military’s core principles.

“Wherever we go, we are a nation of rules and laws,” Rosebrock told the station.

“We must obey them and be considerate of your fellow citizens.

“This is not how veterans behave. In the army you learn neatness, order, discipline. This is anything but that here.’

Violence among the homeless population of Los Angeles is not unique to veterans row.

Last week, four people were injured after a Dodge crashed into a Los Angeles homeless camp in Korea’s urban neighborhood.

A homeless man who had been sleeping on a bench on the sidewalk was trapped between the car and a tree.

There were 11,401 homeless veterans living in California last year, according to statistics.

The state is occupied by the highest number of homeless veterans in the nation; Florida searches with 2,436 homeless vets.

California has more homeless veterans than Florida, Texas, Washington, Oregon, New York, Colorado and Pennsylvania combined.

Governor Gavin Newsom pledged $12 billion in July to tackle homelessness over a two-year period, with $45 million set aside for service and housing for homeless veterans.