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‘Very positive’: IOC backs Brisbane 2032 Games preparations amid latest changes to venue plans

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Andrew Liveris, President of the Brisbane 2032 Organizing Committee

A senior member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expressed confidence in ongoing preparations for the Brisbane 2032 Games in a virtual meeting held overnight.

Members of the IOC Coordination Commission and the Brisbane 2032 Organizing Committee held their second annual meeting last night.

Speaking after the meeting, IOC Coordination Commission chair Kirsty Coventry said they were not concerned about the Queensland government’s recent change in Olympic venues.

In a virtual press conference following the meeting, questions were raised about the possibility of further venue changes if there is a change of government in Queensland in October.


But Coventry said addressing political change was part of the preparations in all Olympic cities.

“At the end of the day, there is always a certain amount of change in local and federal governments,” Ms. Coventry said.

He said that no matter what, the organizers will deliver an incredible event for the athletes.

“Whether they are in a temporary location, a newly built location, or an existing location that has had some small improvements, they should not fear that the location itself will allow them to give their best.

“At some point we may start to get a little worried, but we are confident that there will be an open dialogue.”

Coventry said the IOC remains “very positive about Brisbane 2032”.

“It will just take a little bit of time over the next few months to a year to allow stakeholders, specifically at different levels of government, to agree on what they consider best for their country, their state and their region,” she said.

“The Games, as I said before, will fit into that.”

The Games “will make the IOC proud”

Brisbane 2032 Organizing Committee chair Andrew Liveris said it was important Games planning remained “adaptive”.

“The message for us is really clear: the Games must fit within the region, not the region fit with the Games,” he said.

He said Brisbane would be the first Olympic and Paralympic host city able to observe two Games: Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028.

Andrew Liveris says Games planning must be “adaptive”.(AAP Image: Darren England)

“There is a lot to learn from these Games, from the food and beverage experience to the television coverage, and all of this will be analysed,” said Mr Liveris.

He said 13 members of the Brisbane 2032 Organizing Committee would attend the Paris Games as observers.

“We will organize an event and an experience that will make the IOC proud,” he said.

Liveris said work on some Games venues would begin later this year.

He said while former mayor Graham Quirk’s recommendation to build a new stadium in Brisbane’s Victoria Park was rejected, most of the findings of Quirk’s review were accepted.

“The 30 recommendations, of which 27 were accepted (means) the beginning of work on some of the, let’s call them early decisions, easy decisions, those that were not questioned, will be done this year,” Liveris said.

“This year other tenders will be held, procurement will begin and works will be restructured.

“Due diligence, decisions on venues and the impact of the Games, together with a new independent authority to be established, will be a priority to deliver the best experience for everyone.”

He said the athlete experience remains at the center of the Games.

“It is a gift to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games and it is Australia’s third Olympic Games as a very young nation,” he said.

“We are very positive about the Games.”

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