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Venezuela man, 79, visits emergency department with a beer bottle stuck up his bottom

Venezuela man, 79, visits emergency department with a beer bottle stuck up his bottom

Venezuelan man, 79, shows up at the emergency department with a beer bottle up his ass – and tells doctors ‘thieves put it there’

  • The patient, 79, said the bottle was wedged there by three angry men
  • Emergency surgery was performed to remove the bottle in Palo Negro, Venezuela
  • It is not clear whether the police will launch an investigation

A Venezuelan man had to undergo emergency surgery after a beer bottle got stuck in his buttocks.

The 79-year-old, whose name has not been released, claimed the bottle was shoved up his anus by thieves who tried to rob him, according to local media.

He said three men broke into his home in Palo Negro, central Venezuela, and got angry when they couldn’t find any valuables.

The patient went to La Ovallera Hospital in severe pain and X-rays taken shortly after admission show the object lodged in his buttocks, neck first.

It is not clear whether a police investigation will be launched.

Patient, aged 79, claimed the bottle (pictured) was placed there by three thieves who got angry when they couldn’t find any valuables to steal

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The person, who has not been named, underwent emergency surgery at Maracay’s Central Hospital to release the bottle

After diagnosis, the patient was treated at Maracay Central Hospital, about six miles from the original clinic.

According to reports, the patient had “emergency surgery,” but no further details were given.

In some cases, foreign objects that become lodged in the rectum are so close to the anus that they can be removed by hand.

But one of the main problems is that there is a strong suction between the object and the walls of the rectum.

Sometimes the doctor will pass a tube between the object and the wall of the rectum to try to equalize the pressure when the object is removed, which is an uncomfortable procedure that requires sedation.

If the object is too deep, full surgery may be required.

It comes after Army bomber technicians were sent to a hospital in England after a man arrived in the emergency department with a World War II anti-tank grenade lodged in his rectum.

Medics called for specialist help after the man reported to the Accident and Emergency Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester when he was unable to remove the 57mm grenade.

The military collector claimed that the armor-piercing ammunition came from his private arsenal. He told medics the 80-year-old explosive got stuck after he tripped and fell awkwardly.


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