Vegan Diet – Going for and Going Back to Plant-Based Foods


Back in the days, some people opted to eat meat thinking that they need to do so because it is the fastest way to get the nutrients that their body needs. However now, more and more of these people are realizing that human beings are not really meant to survive by eating the rest of the animal kingdom. Animals need not be hurt nor our bodies are harmed through mass productions of meat, dairy, eggs, and whatnot. 

These days, an increasing number of individuals have been changing their approach to a healthy diet. They are going for or going back to green foods; they go vegan. With this comes a promise of a longer, healthier life. However, in order for them to enjoy the benefits, such a diet must also come with the commitment of making nothing but balanced choices, especially when it comes to food. 

What Foods to Eat When You’re a Vegan?

A vegan diet should be well-planned. That being said, it should only include plant-based food which means anything that is made of or includes meat will be out of the plate. Even eggs and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt must also be removed in a vegan’s food options. By not eating any meat-based food, vegans will be able to see remarkable changes in their body’s cholesterol and blood pressure, keeping them at desired levels. But these are not the only perks they are getting as the health benefits just come in a long list.

In order to get the nutrients on a vegan diet, there is a need to eat high-quality foods with the nutrients that your body requires to get through the day. Also, if you have concerns or special health needs, it is still best to consult with your family doctor so you can get help in making the best nutritional choices that fit your body.

What to Eat to Get Which Nutrient?

Many animals are herbivores which means they eat plants to get their vitamins and minerals. We can do the same. By choosing the vegan diet, we can cut straight to the source of nutrients – the plants. We listed some nutrients found in meat products that are also found in their plant counterparts:

1. Protein

This nutrient that is required in building muscles can be found in fish, pork, and eggs. But they can also be found largely in beans and legumes, even in leafy vegetables and whole grains. Other options include chia seeds, almond butter, and green peas.

2. Calcium

Since animal byproducts such as cheese, milk, and yogurt are not allowed in a vegan diet, not to mention many people are lactose intolerant, people eat more tofu and drink almond milk to get the calcium they need. Even leafy vegetables such as spinach can be great sources of calcium.

3. Iron

While most people think that the best source of iron is red meat, it is actually easy to obtain from raisins, cashews, molasses, and cacao. Even seeds of pumpkins and sunflowers can also provide the iron needed by the body.

4. Zinc

If you eat plant-based food such as oats, quinoa, and other whole grains, you can be sure that your body has more than enough zinc. Nuts, beans, seeds, and legumes which are known to also be sources of iron and protein can provide zinc for the body.

5. Vitamin B

In order to obtain Vitamin  B for the body, one should eat fruits and vegetables; that easy. There is actually no need to worry that your body might be deficient of it as there are many plant-based foods that are packed with Vitamin B thereby improving mental function and red blood circulation.

Don’t Worry, Your Body is Healthy.

No need to worry here. Even if the meat is packed with the vitamins and minerals that a human body needs to survive life, there are a lot of plant-based alternatives to help you through it. But if you are still doubtful that you will be able to get the needed nutrients after reading everything above, you might want to consider subscribing to a few vegan meal boxes.

To ensure that you achieve a complete mix of nutrients on a vegan diet, you can actually get yourself subscription boxes made for vegans. With these, the vegan diet and lifestyle become easier to maintain. Aside from you are less likely to accidentally eat food that is not plant-based, you will also not anymore go through with the hassle of looking at each ingredient if it is vegan. So take these vegan subscription gift boxes as a part of your investment towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.