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Valheim gets an inconspicuous option that fundamentally changes the survival hit – WhatsNew2Day


Valheim reveals more about his next update. The only thing missing is a release date.

Valheim is still in Early Access around two years after its release and the developers at Iron Gate Studios are busy delivering new content. A major update is already planned for this year, which will send you into the new Ashlands biome, which is a bit reminiscent of Mordor from The Lord of the Rings.

The developers have now announced another important feature that will soon be added to the game and that will be particularly appreciated by die-hard professionals and base building fans.

Valheim learns from Minecraft

One of the developers, Jonathan Smårs, shared Valheim’s new difficulty options with a short video on Twitter:

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Although he emphasized that the options shown are not final, you still get a good overview of what to expect soon. The six different difficulty options are particularly exciting.

  • Casual fashion: Here the game becomes much easier. Enemies only attack you after you have provoked them, there are no more raids on your base, raw materials are distributed in larger quantities in the game world and you no longer lose items and abilities on death.
  • Awesome fashion: This mode is reminiscent of the Creative Mode from Minecraft, because here you can start building without being bothered. There are no raids on your base and all buildings can be built without raw material costs.
  • immersive fashion: Here your map will be deactivated and you cannot use portals to increase immersion.

In addition to these three fundamentally different modes, there are three levels of difficulty, Easy, Hard and Hardcore, which make the battles easier or more difficult and reduce or increase the number of raids on your base. In hardcore mode, you can no longer use maps and portals.

If you want, you can also build your own level of difficulty: With the update you will have many different options and sliders available, with which you can even switch off certain features completely.

For example, if you don’t feel like the annoying basic raids, but want more difficult fights and more resources in the open world, that won’t be a problem anymore. When exactly the new update will appear is currently not known.

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