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‘Utterly rank’ woman is blasted after revealing she washes her TOILET BRUSH in the dishwasher

Is this ‘the most disgusting habit ever’? Mom Gets Called ‘Utterly Grumpy’ After Revealing She Cleans Her TOILET BRUSH by Putting It In The Dishwasher – But Some Claim It’s Hygienic

  • Woman sparked discussion after saying she washes toilet brush in dishwasher
  • The anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, shared her message on Mumsnet
  • Revealed that her boyfriend found out about her washing habits and criticized her
  • Some said the habit is disgusting, but some posters said they were fine

A woman has been harshly criticized after revealing that she washes her toilet brush in the dishwasher.

The anonymous woman, believed to live in the UK, made the confession in a post on the parenting forum mumsnet.

In it, she said the unusual habit was messed up after a friend came to her home and saw the unsavory utensil in the dishwasher.

The post said, ‘I clean my toilet brush in the dishwasher every few months.

A woman has been blasted on Mumsnet after revealing she washes her toilet brush in the dishwasher (stock image)

‘I just put the brush and holder in, on a warm wash and they come out like new again.

“This morning a friend came over for coffee, and I opened the dishwasher to get out a few mugs, forgetting I put the toiletries in last night.

‘She freaked out and said this was totally disgusting, and washed the mugs I had taken out of the cupboard again AND poured boiling water on them before allowing me to make her coffee!!

‘Was my friend unreasonable? The mugs and toilet bush were washed in separate loads!’

According to the anonymous poster from the UK, a friend ‘paniced’ when he realized the toilet brush had been in the dishwasher

The vast majority of respondents felt that washing a toilet brush is unsanitary, with one simply describing the post as “utterly shabby.”

Another wrote: ‘That’s absolutely disgusting.’

And a third added, “I’m here with your friend. How on earth can you even think about putting a toilet brush and holder in your dishwasher.”

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: ‘Did you know that the first rinse in the dishwasher is recycled water? So you wash your pots in the shit.’

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Some respondents criticized the poster, labeling it “disgusting” and “lazy” for the habit, which they called “total rank.”

However, some agreed with the poster and said it was fine to put utensils such as toilet brushes in the dishwasher.

One wrote: ‘It’s good. My ex-partner did that too. We’re both still alive. And still friends.

‘You can always make me a cup of tea. I’ve been making my own tea all my life.’

Another added: ‘If your dishwasher gets hot enough I don’t see a problem with it from a hygienic point of view, although I can understand it makes people squeamish.

“(If this had really happened) I would have laughed and told you how shocked Mamasnet would be, drinking my tea.

A small minority of respondents felt that washing a toilet brush in the dishwasher is acceptable, with one even saying it is hygienic


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