USMNT fans call for Gregg Berhalter to go after he leaked his World Cup fallout with Gio Reyna

After Gregg Berhalter revealed that the coach had a secret split in the USMNT, fans reacted with anger. World Cup camp over Gio’s reported behavior. 

Berhalter revealed that he nearly dismissed Reyna, a player from his squad who advanced to the last-16, before being eliminated by Holland.

The winger hit back at the coach’s comments in a statement shared to Instagram on Monday, taking responsibility for his actions but claiming he was under the belief that the details were supposed to be kept private by the team and staff. 

Gio Reyna Released A Statement Claiming The Details Were Supposed To Be Kept Private

After he released the Gio Reyna (right), fallout from his leak, USMNT fans have taken aim (left) at Gregg Berhalter

Us Soccer Supporters Called For The Coach To Go As They Claimed He Could No Longer Be Trusted

US soccer supporters demanded the coach’s resignation because they claimed that he couldn’t be trusted anymore

Reyna’s statement has been criticized by US soccer fans. They claim Berhalter revealed private information from the camp and that no player will ever trust him. 

Some called for the coach to be fired, as he is out of contract with US Soccer at year’s end. They insisted that he was unable to lead the team moving forward. 

One fan wrote: “Gregg tried control the narrative, and failed. There’s no way back from this. He must go.

Fans Took To Social Media To Clam Berhalter, Insisting There Was No Way Back From The Scandal

Fans took to social networking to clamber Berhalter insisting there was no return to the scandal

Another person agreed with their sentiments, adding that Gregg had violated his own rules. Can’t trust him with the program anymore, outside of his element.

One supporter claimed they ‘don’t see a path forward with him leading’ the US team, while another chimed in they couldn’t see Berhalter in charge of any roster in future as ‘no player will ever trust him again’.

Another fan insisted that the manager had to go for the sake the roster. All this drama can’t be good for USMNT’s future.

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Others Could Not See A Way Forward For Berhalter With The Us National Team - Or Any Squad

Others couldn’t see a way forward in Berhalter’s US national team or any other squad.

‘Gregg has to go,’ another supporter reiterated, ‘there’s absolutely no reason to air out such statements publicly with so many details 

One supporter suggested that the incident was similar to Berhalter’s past ‘feuds’ with players such Weston McKennie and Matt Miazga, and suggested that the coach was the only one who was consistent. 

Multiple players on the USMNT like Reyna’s post. This includes Joe Scally and Tim Ream, who are his teammates in Qatar.

Reyna did not start a single game in Qatar despite his star power. This was much to the dismay and disappointment of supporters.

He Only seven minutes were spent in the 0-0 draw against England and the second-half for the 3-1 defeat to Holland.

Berhalter admitted that he was ready for a plane ticket home for one of his squad members because of the severe circumstances in which a player was almost suspended from his camp. 

ESPN The squad was then asked to vote on Reyna’s future in the squad. After 13 votes went his direction, the Dortmund teenager was allowed to remain, with 12 of the squad members recommending that he leave. 

The Dortmund Winger Failed To Start A Single Game In Qatar, Much To The Dismay Of Supporters

To the dismay of his fans, the Dortmund winger did not start a single game against Qatar.

The Athletic reported that Reyna, according to multiple sources close to the team, had put in “an alarming lack in training” before the USA’s opening match against Iran. He was later benched.

The team also participated against Qatari club Al Gharafa in a scrimmage. Reyna was described walking around the field throughout the game.

DeAndre Yedlin & Aaron Long are said have pulled Reyna aside throughout the tournament and urged him to give more effort.

Deandre Yedlin (Above) And Aaron Long Are Said To Have Pulled Reyna Aside To Talk To Him

Aaron Long (above) is said to have taken Reyna aside and talked to him 

The team was informed that Reyna had apologized to them all – as Berhalter described it – and that he then turned a corner and understood that he was part a group.

Reyna’s agent Dan Segel had previously claimed that the situation is ‘complicated’. Berhalter appeared to be offended by this suggestion that it was ‘disrespectful to make private team matters public.

Later, the player said he was ‘extremely shocked’ that anyone from the U.S. men’s team staff would contribute to the reports. He also insisted that Berhlater had stated that any issues would remain in-house’

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