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Using online guides to make our lives easier

There is an abundance of online guides on the internet, but it is important to be discriminating and ensure that the information provided comes from authoritative sources. If you decide to take advice from an online guide, it should come from an expert in the field. Let’s take a look at some of the best guides available online.

Travel Guides

In the past, travelers would buy a guidebook and take it with them to consult it as and when required. But now people often want to plan their trips in advance to save time. So, when it comes to travel guides, you should consult authoritative online guides such as Fodors Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, and Rough Guides. All three sites will provide comprehensive information about holiday destinations all over the world. For example, surfers can check out this guide to the best surfing destinations in the world.

And a recent innovation is to provide travelers with tailor-made travel advice. Rough Guides provide the option of planning a trip. Visitors to the site simply select how many people are traveling and which month they wish to travel. After entering the destination of choice and potential dates or a rough idea of the travel duration, Rough Guides will send a personalized trip itinerary via email.

Guides to products and services

Online guides also play an important role in recommendations for products and services. The iGaming sector is a very competitive industry with a great deal of choice for customers. So, guides can provide essential information about mobile gaming, deposit methods or even how online casinos work. Check out BonusFinder NZ’s guide to online casinos which covers everything you need to know about online casinos compiled by experts.


Restaurant guides

The Michelin guide online provides information and ratings of restaurants and hotels all over the world. And the restaurant recommendations are not only for expensive gourmet establishments which have been awarded between one and three Michelin stars, the guide also features restaurants that have achieved a Bib Gourmand for exceptionally good food at moderate prices. The Plate symbol indicates restaurants that simply serve good food. The guide provides excellent recommendations from the Michelin inspectors, who are experts in cuisine.

Cellphone guides

There are countless cellphone guides available on the net, but here it is important to choose an authoritative website for the best guidance. Sites such as Tech Advisor and Wired test and review cellphones to give readers an overview of the latest cellphones and provide a series of recommendations. For example, Wired has a guide to the best Android phones on the market. As is the case for all online guides, you have to be discerning and be able to identify guides that feature experts in the field. The Wired guide considers a wide range of cellphone categories such as the Best Flagship phones, Best Eco-Friendly Phone, and Best Under $300.

Online guides can make our lives easier by providing expert opinions and advice on a variety of products and services. In the process, it is essential to choose authoritative sources for important decisions such as holiday destinations and hotels, cellphones, and restaurant visits.


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