Useful Tips On How To Reduce The Harmful Effects Of Blue Light

Blue light has been a recent problem as smart devices became a reality we cannot ditch. The harmful effects of blue light are well-known, especially to the eyes. Over a longer period of time, blue light exposure emitted from all the smart devices can cause spasms, eye degeneration, and in some more severe cases even cataracts. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, our smart devices have become part of our daily life, therefore here are some tips on how to reduce the harmful effects a bit and save your health.


Spend less time on your phone 

Now, one little piece of advice might be reducing the time you spend directly looking at your phone. This really depends on the type of work you do, for social media managers and people working behind a desk this might look impossible, yet you can always make small pauses every 45 minutes. This way you’ll give your eyes a 10 to 15-minute break and make sure they have some time to recover. This is especially helpful in preventing eye-watering and eye-straining. Another idea is to install an app on your phone which instantly turns off your phone after 10 pm because exposure to screens and blue light during the night can degrade the quality of your sleep. And we all know how crucial it is to get enough sleep since it affects our overall mood and ability to concentrate the next day. If you’re more diligent, you can turn off your phone three hours before bedtime and turn off the television at least an hour before bedtime.

Wear protection 

As said before, not everyone has the luxury of spending less time on their phones or laptops as some are doing this for a living. In some professions, even making pauses every 45 minutes might be too much. If that is the case, maybe having some kind of protection is a far better option. Nowadays, you can always wear blue light computer glasses with a protective layer making sure the blue light radiating from the screen cannot affect your eyes too severely. These glasses have revolutionized working behind a desk in the last couple of years and studies have shown a decrease in eye-related conditions and diseases in patients wearing them. 

The glasses come in different colors and there are even glasses for daytime and nighttime, depending on your working schedule. Another idea is wearing a protective layer on your screen, laptop, or desktop. These protective layers are made from the same material and have similar properties. If you do not have the money, maybe install an app that can reduce the light and imitate the kind of procession, and some phones already have the option under “blue light filter”, making the screen look a bit yellowish. 

Take your supplements 

Another unconventional idea is taking a proper hand of supplements or vitamins to make sure your eye muscles are getting the needed dose of proper nutrition. Studies have shown how taking proper vitamins can drastically reduce the risks of eye-related diseases such as spasms and degeneration of the eye muscles. You can also use melatonin if your sleep pattern has been affected because of long exposure to the blue light over a period of time. Though, consult your doctor first before taking any on your own. 

Usually, they are cheap and easy to get over the counter, and with some proper protection, you don’t have to worry about your eyes anymore.


Go to your doctors regularly 

This is generally not something that will protect you from blue light per se, however, it will be great prevention of potential diseases lurking in the dark. A regular eye check-up will give you a great overview of your health and general condition, therefore make sure to schedule an appointment. 

Keep your distance 

If all this is a bit too much for you, one effective way to prevent and reduce the risks of blue light emission is keeping a safe distance from your computer and phone. 

Do not hold it too close to your face and when watching TV, make sure to be on your couch at least two feet apart. The blue light radiated will have a lesser effect on you, and prevent serious damage. 

All these tips are easy to implement on a daily basis and can prevent serious damage. Regular eye surgeries can cost tens of thousands of dollars and chances are the final result will not resemble your previous state. Why go through all the trouble when you can act now and be thankful later?

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