Use this script if you have enough to take medium messages too seriously

One of the biggest strengths of Medium is the sleek design, which can give everything published on the platform a legitimacy, whether it deserves it or not. Now, a Twitter user has released a script that breaks this illusion, giving every medium message a striking purple background, individual paragraph frames, and of course, every Comic Sans format.


"The design and typography of can create and polish an illusion of legitimacy for ideas that may not deserve legitimacy," wrote the author of the script @eyes_low wrote on Twitter, "I created a user script that kills the @ Medium design, so critical thinking takes precedence over eye candy."

<div class = "c-imageslider" data-cid = "apps / imageslider-1572521334_6924_38355" data-cdata = "{" caption ":"The script changes the legitimacy of even the most well-written messages."" Image_left ": {" ratio ":" * "," original_url ":" "," network ":" berm "," bgcolor ":" # ffffff "," title ": null," credit ": null," focal_area ": {" top_left_x ": 0," top_left_y ": 0," bottom_right_x ": 1920," bottom_right_y ": 1080}," limits ":[ 0,0,1920,1080]," uploaded_size ": {" width ": 1920" height ": 1080}," focal_point "null" asset_id ": 19334333," asset_credit ": null, "ALT_TEXT": ""}, "image_right": {"ratio": "*" "original_url": " msedge_fWrgbkaMdJ.png "," network ":" ":" # ffffff "," title ": null," credit ": null," focal_area "," bgcolor berm ": {" top_left_x ": 0," top_left_y ": 0" bottom_right_x " : 1920 "bottom_right_y": 1080}, "limits" :[ 0,0,1920,1080], "uploaded_size": {"width": 1920 "height": 1080}, "focal_point": null, "asset_id": 19334334, "asset_credit": null, "ALT_TEXT": ""}, "credit": null} ">

The script changes the legitimacy of even the most well-written messages.

Once installed, the script will look amateurish and ridiculous on every Medium post. That is regardless of whether you read an article from the CEO of a failed startup or the billionaire victim of one alleged conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government. Everything looks like LiveJournal-like rantings from the mid-nineties.

If you want to try the script for yourself, the easiest way to do this is by using the TamperMonkey extensionand install the script by following the GitHub link in this tweet.