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Custom packaging, as the name suggests, requires no introduction to any individual. Being used for a plethora of purposes, these custom boxes are mainly employed for packaging, customizations, and above all, warranting the safety of products from certain factory presses, wear and tear during transport, and disturbances from retail shelves.

Custom Packaging

Custom Boxes Wholesale rates have drastically increased over time which, in result, has resulted in poor packaging and inferior designs. One of the main reasons is that people are unaware of the fact that there is a myriad of companies available to aid your worries. Just pass the idea and they will craft the perfect design. With a team of expert designers and manufacturers, they are craftsmen at work ready to bring masterpieces to you in a measly amount of money.

Wholesale rates can cut a lot of costs. If you are ordering in bulk, the price of packaging per product decreases, hence allowing you to keep a close and light call on your pocket. Packaging companies stop you from going on a spending spree by looking at your budgeting options and then customizing the price quote to your liking.

It may sound tenuous at first but custom packaging plays a vital role in the sales of your business by shrugging off the strict competition, promoting your brand among a legion of customers, and letting customers have faith and loyalty in your products. Once you have achieved brand loyalty, there is no going back to darker days. You will automatically start getting masses of customers daily with every single one of them willing to try your new products. 

While some companies fail to pay heed to custom boxes with logo, some overcrowd the design and spend more on packaging than the product itself. Custom packaging is just a bonus factor that comes into play while manufacturing your products. It does not mean that you breach the quality of your product by reserving a behemoth amount of budget for customizations. The packaging is important, yes, but it does not mean that the quality is compromised and looked upon. 

What is it that you can do to achieve both? Trying to balance between both superior custom packaging and maintaining product quality is essential. Breaching one thing to achieve another can be demeaning and chaotic for your company. You do not want your brand’s image to serve a negative sense among customers. So, what is it that you can do to overcome these factors that are derailing you

Custom Packaging to Your Advantage

from. skyrocketing sales?

Worry not. We will walk you through a series of steps as to how you can minimize the cost of your packaging and keep your product quality maintained at the same time. Starting with Materials, Coatings, Manufacturing Styles, and several other add-ons, we will help you through this difficult journey while walking at a brisk pace. Grab a paper and pencil if you can’t grasp difficult concepts, turn on your attention mode, and let’s begin.

1 – You Have Been Using the Wrong Material All this Time: 

We confirm the authenticity of this statement but let us explain how. Innumerable companies opt for the wrong material while packaging their products. Getting them customized to the needs of every product is important. If you are packaging a tea light candle box, you certainly do not want it to be packaged inside a rigid material or a material that exceeds and overdoes its needs. Not only will it increase the cost of your packaging but it will also make it look bad in terms of appearance and usage.

There are tons of materials to choose from. Some provide the least protection but they are environment-friendly. Others provide maximum durability and strength because they are used for shipping purposes. We will jot down a few of the materials that are used in the packaging of products. Some of them are:

  • Cardstock Material.
  • Bux Board Material.
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper.
  • Rigid Material.
  • Corrugated Material.

As discussed above, each material has its pros and cons. While some are sturdy in strength, others lack durability. But not a single material has superiority over another, hence the need for choosing the right one for the right product. Mixing up will only make matters worse for you and your customer’s budgeting constraints.

While these were some of the materials that were discussed, what about several other manufacturing styles, coatings, and add-ons that come with it? We discuss them in detail down below.


  • Coatings: You have chosen your material and have it customized according to your needs. What next? Coating. Coatings provide an elegant touch to your box. They come in different textures like:


  • Matte.
  • Gloss.
  • Spot UV.

Every single one of them serves the purpose of fulfillment in your selected material. Coatings are essential if you want to give your packaging a scintillating touch. A pleasant glossy look of your logo on a Matte base will help in brand promotion.


  • Add-Ons: Suppose you are buying products from a cosmetic store. You have just come across a nail polish but you’re not sure what it looks like. It only has its color printed on the box. Does it present a tactile appeal? Are you curious and bothered at the same time that it could be different from the inside? We know how to aid this worry.


Manufacturing styles like Die-Cut Window and PVC-Sheet allow your customers to take a peek at what they are getting. Rather than packaging all of your cosmetic products inside a tight box, allow your customers to peek through what they are buying. Show them the love and care you have put into the product. Make them loyal to your brand and company. This is how you package products.

Custom Packaging to Your Advantage

2 – Promote Your Brand Through Custom Packaging:

Not to frustrate you with a lot of details but if your custom packaging boxes are not promoting your brand, you are doing it all wrong. Imagine providing the perfect product with perfect quality and leaving out the most salient detail – Brand Promotion. It is the only key to the expansion of your business. By leaving an everlasting impression on your customers, your product will market itself with time, hence allowing you to grow your customer base automatically.

3 – You Have Been Doing It Right All Along? Do This Next:

It is okay if you feel a little outdated and kudos to you if you have been doing it right all this time. It is also okay if you are not a creative person and have been deprived of good custom packaging ideas. While there is a plethora of companies out there that can bring creativity to the table, there are a few that work with top-notch perfection, hence making your business get skyrocketing sales within numbered days. 

The packaging company we highly recommend is The Cosmetic Boxes. One of the renowned packaging companies operating across the USA and Canada, they are equipped with the latest machinery and a team of veteran designers. Not only will they improve your existing design but they will help you in cutting the cost as well.

Take a sip of your favorite hot beverage because we may have over flooded you with a myriad of information but to exceed your expectations in sales, following these points is a compulsion.