US warns about ‘dangerous’ China and vows it won’t ‘leave Australia alone on the pitch’

The US issues a new warning about “dangerous” China and vows it will not “leave Australia alone in the field” as the superpower ramps up its military operations.

  • China’s dangerous and coercive presence in the Indo-Pacific highlighted
  • Penny Wong and Richard Marles met their American counterparts in Washington
  • Wong and Marles did not name China, the United States did not hold back
  • US announces increased military operations in Australia



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China’s “dangerous and coercive” presence in the Indo-Pacific has been denounced as Australia and the United States vowed to increase military cooperation between the two nations.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Defense Minister Richard Marles met their US counterparts in Washington DC for Australia-US ministerial talks.

It is the first meeting that has been held since the Albanian government was elected in May.

At a joint news conference, neither Marles nor Senator Wong mentioned China by name.

But US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin did not hold back from calling China the biggest threat to stability in the Indo-Pacific.

Us Warns About Dangerous China And Vows It Wont Leave

Defense Minister Richard Marles, Foreign Minister Penny Wong, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Washington DC.

“China’s dangerous and coercive actions throughout the Indo-Pacific, including around Taiwan, toward Pacific island countries, and in the East and South China Seas, threaten regional peace and stability,” he said.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken praised Australia for “extraordinary” work in tackling China’s economic coercion.

He insisted that the Biden administration “would not leave Australia alone in the field”.

“We reaffirm that we will support them against these pressure tactics,” Blinken said.

Also in Washington on Wednesday was former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Appearing at the Hudson Institute at the invitation of his “dear friend” Mike Pompeo, Morrison warned that China risked “mutually assured destruction” by Taiwan.

He suggested that the conflict could lead to the collapse of financial markets and the blocking of supply chains.

“China has a lot to lose if it gets it wrong, which is sobering,” he said.

‘There is mutually assured destruction when it comes to issues related to Taiwan.

“And I don’t think everyone is willing to risk everything in China on that issue.”

The former premier was recently appointed as a member of the strategic advisory board at the central China think tank.

Chinese President Xi Jinping. China Is Considered The Biggest Threat To Peace In The Indo-Pacific Region, Us Says.

Chinese President Xi Jinping. China Is Considered The Biggest Threat To Peace In The Indo-Pacific Region, Us Says.

Chinese President Xi Jinping. China is considered the biggest threat to peace in the Indo-Pacific region, US says.

His comments came just hours before the United States agreed to increase the rotating presence of air, land and sea forces in Australia.

Japan would also be invited to join the ‘posture of force initiatives’ in Australia.

“It is a great result of today’s meeting that we can go to Japan at the end of this week with an invitation for Japan to participate in more exercises with Australia and the United States,” Marles said.

The AUSMIN meeting comes ahead of a government decision on whether to adopt the American or British nuclear submarine model under the AUKUS alliance.

Austin said the US goal was to design an optimal path for Australia to acquire the submarines “as quickly as possible.”

“We recognize where Australia is and when its capacity starts to decline… We will not allow Australia to have a capacity gap in the future,” he said.

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