US travel ban to be lifted from November

Finally! US travel ban on UK and EU vaccinated passengers to be lifted from November

The US travel ban on visitors from the US and UK will be lifted from November, ending 18 months of transatlantic travel uncertainty.

The news will be announced Monday morning by the State Department and will coincide with the UN General Assembly in NYC, where both President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak.

The move marks the end of intense negotiations between London and Washington after the UK and EU lifted their ban on US visitors – but this was not answered by DC.

Current travel policy allows only U.S. citizens, their immediate family, green card holders, and people with national interest exemptions to travel to the U.S.

Biden will soon unveil a new policy that will apply to EU and UK travelers from November, according to the Financial Times.

UK government sources told MailOnline they expect an announcement at a later date and ‘it looks positive’.

US travel ban on US and UK visitors to be lifted from November – an end to 18 months of transatlantic travel uncertainty