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US passes 5 million cases of coronavirus

As school districts across the country struggle to find out how and if they can safely reopen schools for teachers and students, the number of coronavirus cases in the US passed 5 million on Sunday, the report said. Coronavirus Research Center at Johns Hopkins University. And according to a Washington Post analysis, the US reached the 5 million mark just 17 days after passing 4 million cases.

The US leads the world in coronavirus cases, accounting for nearly a quarter of the 19.7 million cases worldwide. As of Sunday, Brazil was in second place with just over 3 million cases, followed by India with 2.1 million cases. And according to Johns Hopkins, the US tops another dismal coronavirus list with more than 162,000 deaths.

While researchers at the University of Washington believe the number of cases has peaked in many of the hardest-hit states, they now predict that the number of coronavirus-related deaths could strike in the US 300,000 in December, NPR reported. New York, which was badly affected in the early days of the pandemic, has the most coronavirus deaths among U.S. states, with more than 32,000, followed by New Jersey with nearly 16,000 and California with more than 10,000 deaths, data from Johns Hopkins.

On Saturday, President Trump has signed four executive orders aimed at providing coronavirus relief, but it is not clear whether they comply with the law. The unemployment rate in the US is currently 10 percent.

The US reached 5 million cases the same day New Zealand announced it was gone 100 days with no new cases of domestic transmission of the coronavirus.