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US Masters canceled due to weather chaos


Persistent rain has led to the abandonment of the third round of the US Golf Masters on Saturday.

The major tournament in Augusta continues on Sunday from 2:30 p.m. German time. By the third round, the leaders had just played six holes.

In Augusta’s constant rain, Tiger Woods had previously set a record: the 47-year-old Californian made the cut for the 23rd time in a row.

Only South Africa’s golf legend Gary Player and Fred Couples from the USA had previously achieved this record.

A day after the weather drama that saw three downed trees at Augusta National Golf Club, Woods qualified for the weekend’s crucial two rounds in torrential rain.

The five-time Masters winner finished the second round, which had been canceled the day before due to storms, with 73 strokes on Saturday and was tied for 49th place with a total of 147 strokes at halftime in the first major tournament of the year.

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