US Democratic Senator Kyrsten Snema becomes an independent

Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona Democrat, was once one of the most conservative in the U.S. Senate. She has now declared herself independent, in a move that could shake up the small majority of Democrats in this chamber.

Friday’s announcement of Sinema’s decision came days after Democrat Raphael Warnock won a runoff in Georgia. This confirmed the party’s control of the Senate in next Congress, which begins in January.

Sinema wrote that she has registered as an Arizona Independent in an opinion piece published in The Arizona Republic newspaper. “Like many Arizonans I have never been able to fit in any national party perfectly.

It’s not clear how Sinema’s move will impact the partisan makeup the new Senate. Democrats hold a 51 to 49 majority. The party can lose one seat, however, after Warnock’s win. Kamala Harris, Democratic Vice President of the Democratic Party, would be the decisive factor in a split Senate.

Sinema, 46, said Politics Her move will not alter the “Senate structure”. She She said that she would not consult with Republicans and that she would also no longer attend meetings in the Democratic Caucus. According to the news outlet, she stated that she “expects” that her committee assignments will be kept by the Democratic Party.

On Friday, the White House praised Sinema as a key partner and called on her to work for important laws that President Joe Biden supports, such as the Bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act (Inflation Reduction Act) and the Bipartisan Inflation Law (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law).

“We understand that she registered as an independent in Arizona does nothing to change the Senate’s new Democratic majority control, but we have every reason for expecting that we will continue to collaborate successfully with her,” Karine Jean-Pierre spokeswoman. White House. Statement.

Sinema, in an article published in The Arizona Republic, denounced polarization that she said was pulling the Democratic and Republican leaderships to the “edges”. But, she stated that Americans “are more united” than national parties would want us to believe.

Nonetheless, she has vowed to support key policy priorities for Democrats such as protecting LGBTQ and reproductive rights.

Sinema is now the third independent senator, joining Bernie Sanders (Angus Kings) and Bernie Sanders. However, the two remaining Democrats are Democrats. They consult with the party and can be trusted to speak for Democrats-led legislation.

Sinema and her conservative colleague Democrat Joe Manchin had enormous influence in the Senate’s current split of 50-50. They used their votes to reshape Biden’s agenda.

Sinema’s supporters praise Sinema for her ability to work across the aisle with Republicans and rise above partisanship. Left-wing Democrats criticize Sinema for refusing support for more ambitious policy goals.

The senator was criticized by progressives last year for her efforts to include a minimum wage hike in a pandemic relief bill. She cast her vote with a thumbs-down gesture on the Senate floor — a move left-wing activists saw as callous disregard for working people.

Sinema is currently serving her first term as a senator after being elected a Democrat to the Senate in 2018. Her Win marked a political shift from Arizona, a conservative stronghold, to a swing state.

Despite being one of the most conservative and business-friendly Democrats on Capitol Hill in her early years, Sinema was a Green Party activist who supported progressive causes.

Arizona Democratic Party decried her vote against amending the filibuster. The filibuster is a Senate procedure that allows minorities to veto important legislation. To pass bills, it requires a 60-vote threshold.

The Democrats wanted a bill for voting rights in Congress at that time.

Sinema is up to re-election 2024. It is unknown if she will run again. She could be challenged by the left if she doesn’t identify as a Democrat.

If she is an independent candidate and both major parties have listed candidates, it will spark a turbulent race in a state that could be key to senate power in a presidential election.

Sinema, in an interview with Politico, ruled out the presidency.

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