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US Congressman Running for NY Governor Attacked During Speech


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A man climbed onstage and tried to stab Congressman Lee Zeldin on Thursday while giving a stupid speech in his run for New York governor, his campaign said, but the candidate was unharmed.

Video footage posted to social media by witnesses shows an unidentified man in a black baseball cap quickly approaching Zeldin from the side of the stage at a New York state rally with a pointed weapon or other type of implement. .

The man you can hear repeatedly say to Zeldin “you’re done” as he extends his arm to the Republican candidate’s face or neck. Zeldin pushed him away before both men fell to the ground while several others tried to restrain the suspect.

A spokeswoman for Zeldin’s campaign, Katie Vincentz, said on Twitter that the suspect had attempted to stab the congressman.

Vincentz said Zeldin and members of his team were unharmed. “Zeldin grabbed the attacker’s wrist to hold him back until others helped bring the attacker to the ground. Police took the man into custody,” Vincentz said.

She said Zeldin ended his speech after the incident and thanked law enforcement officers who responded to the attack.

Local police were not immediately available for comment on the incident.

“Relieved to hear that Congresswoman Zeldin was not injured and that the suspect is in custody,” incumbent New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat and opponent of Zeldin in the race, said on Twitter.

“I condemn this violent behavior in the strongest possible terms — it has no place in New York,” Hochul said.


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