US Appeals Court Rules against Trump over DACA

A US appeals court in California ruled Thursday that President Donald Trump's government should continue a program begun by former President Barack Obama, which protects hundreds of thousands of immigrants illegally entering the country.

The San Francisco-based 9th American Circuit Court of Appeals, the San Diego-based program for delayed children's return (DACA), which informs a group of immigrants informally & dreamers & # 39; has deported and gave them work permits, but not a path to citizenship.

The verdict represented yet another legal defeat for Trump than DACA, although he has won court victories over other parts of his hard immigration policy.

On Monday, his government asked the US Supreme Court to dismiss the decision of a federal judge to block Trump to end the program even before the 9th Circuit had been weighed, an unusually aggressive move in terms of procedure.

Trump said on Wednesday that he saw opportunities to work with Democrats, who had control of the House of Representatives this week, but that he should see how the Supreme Court ruled on this issue.

Trump has taken a strong stance against illegal immigration. His government announced plans in September 2017 to phase out DACA, arguing that Obama had exceeded his constitutional powers when he passed the congress and created the program. DACA provides protection for approximately 700,000 young adults, especially Hispanics, who have entered the country as children.

San Francisco-based district court, William Alsup, decided in January that the government should continue to process innovations from existing DACA applications, while settling disputes about the legality of Trump's action.

In February, the government unsuccessfully objected to Alsup's decision to the Supreme Court.